Sheriff’s reports for the week of June 1, 2016

Published 4:14 pm Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The following are incident and offense reports from the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office from May 4-8

May 4

-Unlawful Breaking and Entering Vehicle from the 500 Block of Highway 308 (Residence/Home)

May 5

-Miscellaneous Information from the 3200 Block Indian Crest Road

-Theft of Property fourth degree from the 9200 Building of Stonecrest Drive (Residence/Home)

-Miscellaneous Incident from the 3100 Block of Heaterbrooke Road (Commercial)

-Miscellaneous Incident (Mental Health) from the 4700 Block of U.S Highway 280 (Parking Lot/Garage)

-Theft of Property from the 2100 Block Smith Drive

-Fraudulent use of Credit/Debit Card from the 31000 Block Hwy 25(Service/Gas Station)

May 6

-Burglary from the 300 Block of Hwy 50 (Residence/Home)

-Violation of Protection Order from the 4000 Block of Kinross Lane (Residence/Home)

-Miscellaneous Incident from the 100 Block Renes Rd

-Duty To Give Information and Render Aid from Valleydale Road Near Indian Valley Road (Highway/Street)

-Resisting Arrest from the 3000 Block of Rock School Road (Residence/Home)

– Fraudulent use of debit card from the 100 Block Wildflower Drive

-Theft of Property 3500 from the Block Chickering Circle

-Theft of Property from the 1000 Hunt Cliff Road

-Burglary and Theft of Property from the Hwy 487 (Residence/Home)

-Theft of Property from the Lovett Drive CVS Pharmacy Moneygram $1400 (Residence/Home)

May 7

-Attempting to Elude and D.U.I from Hwy 280 in the area of Boardman Drive (Highway/Street)

-Harassment from the 11000 Block Hwy 17 (Residence/Home)

-Leaving the Scene of an Accident from the 4800 Block of Hwy 231 (Highway/Street)

-Public Intoxication from County Road 1 and Highland Lakes Drive (Highway/Street)

-Property Damage from the 300 Block of Donaldson Road (Residence/Home)

-Miscellaneous Incident from the Field Across from 641 Hwy 55 (Field/Woods)

-Misc. Incident from the 1200 Block Narrow Pkwy (Residence/Home)

-Miscellaneous Incident from the 2400 Block Brook Run (Residence/Home)

-Fire Investigation from the 100 Block of Highland Park Drive (Residence/Home)

-Miscellaneous Incident from the 600 Block Inverness Cliffs (Residence/Home)

-Miscellaneous Incident from the 100 Block of Heatherwood Road (Parking Lot/Garage)

–Miscellaneous Incident from Highway 145 at County Road 42 (Highway/Street)

-Burglary from 3500 Hwy 47 (Residence/Home)

May 8

-Misc. Incident from Villages of Westover (Residence/Home

-Death Investigation from the 800 Block Reach Crest (Residence/Home)

-D.U.I from Hwy 280 at Valleydale Road (Highway/Street)

-Leaving the Scene of an Accident from Hwy 280 and Bear Creek Road (Highway/Street)

-Miscellaneous Incident from the 7000 Block of Hwy 49

-Domestic Violence-Harassing Communications from Morris Estate (Residence/Home)

-Domestic Violence- Harassment from the 4000 Block of Hwy 37 (Residence/Home)

-Theft of Property from Hwy 97. Stolen was a Chainsaw, Backpack Blower Canyon Cooler,Pressure Washer Wand, Full Gas Cans in the amount of $1,200

-Domestic Violence-Harassing Communications from the16000 Block Highway 280 (Restaurant)

-Death Investigation from the 100 Block of Branchwater Way (Residence/Home)

-Domestic Violence/Harassment from the 2100 Block of Hwy 77 (Residence/Home)

May 9

-Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia from Highway 145 at County Road 47 (Highway/Street)