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Published 11:43 am Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Spondylosis and Scoliosis

Anesthesiologist Addresses Spinal Pain Solutions

Story By Robert Nesbitt

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Anyone of any age can experience chronic back pain — from those weekend warriors to young athletes. My colleagues and I have been treating patients of all types, fitness levels and ages for years at Nesbitt Pain Associates.

We’ve recently extended our practice to now see patients at the brand new St. Vincent’s One Nineteen Surgery Center, which is part of the new expansion on the St. Vincent’s One Nineteen campus.

I want those do-it-yourselfers, retirees and even young athletes to know there are effective, nonsurgical ways to address stubborn back pain. Our team of anesthesiologists, specializing in interventional pain management, work primarily with spine problems.

Our goal is to get patients as pain-free as possible with minimally invasive procedures. We may refer patients for physical, massage or chiropractic therapy. If treatments are necessary, we have many options available to treat different spine problems.

Each patient is evaluated to determine whether they need diagnostic testing, physical therapy or referral to a spine surgeon. Patients typically are referred by their primary care physician, spine surgeon or chiropractor. For those patients, long-term relief can start with an anesthesiologist-administered injection.

We see some patients who may have recently injured themselves exercising or playing golf. But many of our patients have had multiple surgeries and are not candidates for additional surgery. Our primary focus is figuring out the problem and then using the best possible treatment. We have many tools in our toolbox to help lessen pain.

But for those patients who do require surgery, we are happy to now be offering our services at the state-of-the-art surgery center at St. Vincent’s One Nineteen. Because One Nineteen is part of the St. Vincent’s Health System, there is accountability — everyone has to be credentialed. St. Vincent’s has a great system in place. We’ve been working within that system for years, and we’re grateful for the protections they provide patients and the opportunity to serve new patients.

Our main goal is to make people aware that back pain can happen to anyone, and when it does, we are there to help get them back doing those activities they love to do, and doing them pain-free.

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Robert Nesbitt, MD, is a physician with Nesbitt Pain Associates at St. Vincent’s.