New neighborhood in the works for Chelsea

Published 12:55 pm Thursday, August 11, 2016

By ALEC ETHEREDGE | Staff Writer

CHELSEA – Scott Weygand and his wife Elizabeth had several annexation ordinances approved over the past several City Council meetings equaling a total of 114 acres.

Many of you might have the question, “what on earth is all of that land going to be used for?”

Well as you all know Chelsea has been growing tremendously as it celebrates its 20th anniversary and Scott Weygand wants to continue that growth.

His goal is to create a 21-lot neighborhood that will be named Chelsea Preserve. The smallest lot would be 1 acre and the largest 53 acres.

“We want to dress it up and give it an old Chelsea farm kind of fell,” Scott Weygand said. “It should really dress up Highway 336 and give it an even nicer feeling than it already has.”

Big nice houses are expected to be built on each large estate lot because as Scott Weygand said Chelsea is growing and families need those larger lots. The neighborhood is expected to reside on U.S. Highway 336 near Dogwood Drive.

The Weygand’s originally purchased the 114 acres as an investment just over a year ago to hunt and play on, but has since decided that he wants to use it to do something productive for the City of Chelsea.

“The more rooftops the city has the more helful that will be to the development of Chelsea and help business growth,” Scott Weygand said.

Development is still very much in the early stages and there is still a long way to go before the neighborhood starts construction, but it gives Chelsea residents something to look forward to, Weygand said.

He wants the project to happen quickly, but it still has to go through the entire zoning process and a zoning hearing before it is completely official. Weygand hopes the neighborhood will be done sometime during the 2017 calendar year.