McLaughlin running for re-election as Westover mayor

Published 5:40 pm Friday, August 12, 2016


WESTOVER – Westover Mayor Mark McLaughlin is seeking re-election to the position he has held since 2004, citing a desire to continue the city’s growth and progress.

“The city of Westover is a special place to me,” McLaughlin wrote in an Aug. 8 email. “My family roots go back here many generations and I want to see Westover prosper. The base for that prosperity is set and the next four years are critical to its success.”



McLaughlin said his re-election would put Westover in a position to have the relationships to work on many projects the city hasn’t been in a position to compete for before.

“We will need to move to a culture of growth and inclusiveness in our community that builds on the foundation that’s been laid and reject the culture of saying no before the proposal or idea has been heard,” McLaughlin wrote. “Under my watch I am very proud to have started with a very limited budget and kept folks employed through the worst economic times in modern history while adding a financial reserve to the city without adding a property tax.”

McLaughlin said bringing building inspections into Westover was important to him because he wanted to provide more customer service to residents, adding the fire department secured a 3/3X ISO rating.

“The 3/3X ISO fire department rating is outstanding for our size and in part is only possible because of the unique way we staff for that which allows us a tangible asset to our residents that would not be possible under another mayor or administrative approach,” McLaughlin wrote.

McLaughlin’s public service and business background includes: Fire Officer I and Fire Instructor I – Alabama Fire College and Personnel Standards Commission; Certified Municipal Official – Alabama League of Municipalities; business owner since 1989; Westover Planning Commission Chair (2001-2004) and member since 2001; Certified Alabama Planning and Zoning Official – University of North Alabama; and Leadership Shelby County graduate – Class of 2007.

“As long as I’m mayor I see Westover becoming a city that is beautiful because of its mountains and properties and has the community grow and develop around the businesses and strengths we have,” McLaughlin wrote. “We will become much more than a bedroom community. We’ll develop into a stronger city that will attract great opportunities.”

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