Pelham considers selling land in front of Summer Classics

Published 11:49 am Thursday, August 18, 2016

By Briana Harris / Staff Writer

PELHAM – Commercial developer Tim Reddock said more than 29,000 vehicles pass by Summer Classics every day making it an ideal location for further development.

During the City Council’s Aug. 15 work session, Reddock offered the city $850,000 for 5 acres of city-owned land located in front of Summer Classics on U.S. 31.

Reddock, a Pelham resident and co-founder of Southeast Commercial Real Estate, proposed the idea of developing out-parcels totaling about 10,000 square feet.

Normally land is sold without provisions for how it’s used, but in this situation, Waters said the land will be sold with provisions about what can and can’t be there.

“Given our circumstances, we’re going to be very cautious about what is built there,” Waters said. “We’re not just going to haphazardly sell that 5 acres, we’re going to demand that something nice be built there.”

Reddock said at the work session that he would be interested in placing a fast-casual eatery in the location, but he said other types of retailers would need to be included also. Fast-casual restaurants offer quick service and higher quality of food with fewer frozen or processed ingredients than fast food restaurants.

City Council President Rick Hayes and Waters said they think the move would be beneficial to the city.

“This would be very good for the city, but I think everybody realizes that we won’t get a second chance to do this so we really have to have the right partner to move forward,” Hayes said at the work session.

In addition to the 5 acres in front of Summer Classics, Hayes said the city owns 8 acres behind it.

Waters said the city has yet to find the right purpose for the land located behind Summer Classics.