Pelham’s new library design complete

Published 3:09 pm Friday, August 19, 2016

This is the architectural rendering of Pelham’s new library that will be located in the City Center. (Contributed)

This is the architectural rendering of Pelham’s new library that will be located in the City Center. (Contributed)

By Briana Harris / Staff Writer

PELHAM – Now that the exterior design of Pelham’s new library is complete, library Director Mary Campbell said she is working with the building’s architects to create a floor plan.

The design of Pelham’s new library, which features a two-story glass window, was revealed at the City Council’s Aug. 15 work session.

Although the design of the library isn’t finalized, Mayor Gary Waters said he doesn’t expect it to change. He said the clean-cut look of the facility is meant to compliment the design of the new recreation center and middle school, all of which will be located in the city center.

Library Director Mary Campbell said she and the architects at Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood are now laying out the interior of the building. Each floor of the two-story structure is expected to be 10,000 square feet, for a total of 20,000 square feet.

Campbell said she envisions the first floor of the library will house the children and young adults sections.

“I imagine the first floor to be a busy and collaborative space – more of a noisy area – and the upstairs will be more for adults with a computer center and meeting and study rooms,” she said. “It’ll be more traditional.”

Campbell said the first floor would also include a space with devices like a 3D printer and robotics equipment.

“The public will be able to work with technology and equipment they might not be able to afford on their own,” she said.

Waters said the city wouldn’t know the projected completion date of the library until the project goes to bid. He said the goal is to complete the middle school and recreation center first.

Campbell said there is a survey on the library’s website that allows the public to give input about what they think the new library should include or what they would like to have more of.

Campbell said she was somewhat surprised to learn that a lot of people want the library to expand their audio book collection. She said about 260 people have taken the survey.

To take the survey, go to and click on the ‘take the survey’ tab on the left side of the page.