Arrests for the week of Sept. 28, 2016

Published 3:25 pm Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The following individuals were arrested by municipal police departments from Sept. 14-21:




Sept. 14

-Vonnie Hedgepeth, 44, Alabaster, bench warrant.

-Fred Nelson Smith, 59, Hoover, public intoxication.


Sept. 15

-Shikil Irvin Spence, 22, Jemison, no state driver’s license.


Sept. 16

-Jeremy Brian Boone, 39, Montevallo, public intoxication.


Sept. 17

-Chardae Lenise Smith, 24, Birmingham, theft of property IV.


Sept. 18

-Carlos Andrades Padilla, 38, Alabaster, driving under the influence.

-Christopher Charles McKnight, 30, Alabaster, domestic violence III.

-William Heath Tatum, 42, Hanceville, driving under the influence.

-Juan Gutierrez, 32, Maylene, driving under the influence.


Sept. 19

-Tydus Mahone, 35, Calera, possession of a controlled substance.

-Mathew Lee Selby, 38, Alabaster, possession of a controlled substance.

-Gary Lynn Madison, 57, Birmingham, driving while license suspended.

-Amos Helton Jr., 35, Whitesburg, Kentucky, alias writ of arrest.

-April Nicole Carpri, 33, Ensley, alias writ of arrest.

-Ronald Adrian Russell, 55, Birmingham, alias writ of arrest.


Sept. 20

-Rocael Teodoro Mendez-Lopez, 34, Alabaster, driving under the influence.

-Blane Alexander Eddins, 21, Helena, alias writ of arrest.

-Jeremy Hawkins, 26, Alabaster, failure to comply court order.

-John Wesley Stewart, 37, Birmingham, contempt of court.


Sept. 21

-Rebecka Lynn Griffin, 19, Maylene, possession of marijuana II.

-Jermichael Lamar Oden, 23, Calera, possession of marijuana II.





Sept. 14

-Robert William Rainer, 42, Hoover, criminal trespass III.

-Aaron Clark Alford, 52, Montevallo, failure to appear.


Sept. 15

-Shikil Irvin Spence, 22, Jemison, failure to appear.

-Thomas Edward Davis, 24, Calera, agency assist.

-Edward Isbell Jr., 48, Calera, court commitment order.

-April Diane Pickett, 32, Jemison, theft of property IV.

-James Bryan Kephart Jr., 28, Jemison, failure to appear.


Sept. 16

-Lonnie Ray Harmon, 50, Calera, domestic violence II.

-Devonte Allen Walker, 21, Clanton, failure to appear.


Sept. 17

-Diego Ismael, Mendoza-Lozano, 23, Montevallo, rape II.

­-Anthony Terrell Kelley, 31, Alabaster, attempt to commit murder.

-Corey Rashawn Shelton, 25, Prattville, driving under the influence.


Sept. 18

-Ryan Dylon Lodge, 29, Calera, failure to appear.

-Troy Allen Goss, 24, Jemison, agency assist.


Sept. 19

-Samuel Edward Wiggins, 19, Birmingham, possession of drug paraphernalia.

-Xavier Marqice Thompson, 18, Pinson, possession of marijuana.

-Ryan Dylan Lodge, 29, Calera, promote prison contraband I.


Sept. 21

-Sharon Monique James, 24, Calera, driving under the influence.

-Kenneth Earl Harrison, 69, Trussville, possession of a controlled substance.

-Jermichael Lamar Oden, 23, Calera, failure to appear.

-Steven Liston Harper, 52, Montevallo, agency assist.



Sept. 16

-Willie Undre Mitchell, Bessemer, possession of marijuana II.


Sept. 19

-Jabie Daniel Bruce Lucas, Maylene, failing to appear.




Sept. 14

-Joshua Bridges, 28, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, fugitive from justice.

-Aaron Despaw, 27, Pelham, harassment.

-Larry Hayes, 34, Centerpoint, unlawful possession of a controlled substance.


Sept. 15

-Rodericus Carrington, 31, Birmingham, failure to appear.

-Joe Harris, 71, Calera, alias warrant.

-Houston Russell, 31, Hartselle, driving under the influence.


Sept. 16

-Ryan Ladge, 29, Calera, alias warrant.

-Scott Maddox, 42, Huntsville, public intoxication.

-Devon McLaughlin, 23, Woodstock, alias warrant.


Sept. 17

-Sterling Anderson, 43, Fairfield, alias warrant.


Sept. 18

-Edwin Hosea Conley, 28, Centerpoint, alias warrant.

-Rogelio Lopez, 27, Birmingham, driving under the influence.


Sept. 19

-Dexter Berry Jr., 27, Birmingham, alias warrant.

-Jim Boykin, 37, Alabaster, alias warrant.

-Jeremy Jones, 31, Montgomery, alias warrant.

-Maleak Pettway, 20, Birmingham, alias warrant.


Sept. 20

-Jeffrey Guarnieri, 43, Hanceville, alias warrant.

-Phadishia Lee, 27, Birmingham, unlawful possession of marijuana.

-Nichole Mcree, 31, Alabaster, unlawful possession of marijuana.

-Chrisitan Pray, 24, Birmingham, criminal trespass II.

-Christopher Tackaberry, 38, Odenville, alias warrant.