Indian Springs Village nears completion of new building

Published 10:47 am Friday, October 21, 2016


INDIAN SPRINGS — Indian Springs Village is celebrating 26 years since being incorporated in October 1990.

The town came together to celebrate founder’s day on Oct. 18 and recognized new Town Council members and Mark Burns the architect of the new multi-purpose building behind town hall.

Indian Springs Mayor Brenda Bell-Guerico said Burns is a resident of the village and the architect who volunteered his time and talents to design the town’s new addition.

“Mark Burns did a great job and we are very excited,” Bell-Guerico. “We hope all of you will be proud and pleased with the final product.”

Bell-Guerico said the town broke ground on the building in April and construction should be completed in December.

She said the building would be another place for residents to gather and will have a meeting room, kitchen and prep area, two restrooms and additional storage for the town’s decorations and documents.

“We’re very excited for the extra storage the building will give us,” she said. “We’ll have a climate controlled room and be able to store important town documents that will last a long time.”

Bell-Guerico said the idea for the additional building arose when they noticed residents with disabilities and those confined to a wheelchair were having difficulty getting from the pavilion behind the town hall to use the restroom in the old farmhouse.

“We have a beautiful historic town hall,” Bell-Guerico said. “Being historic means all we have is a small, single bathroom. When we have events the line can be long and some residents have trouble walking from the pavilion to the building.”

She said it grew from that initial idea and the new building will be a way the town can offer even more to the residents of Indian Springs.

“We are very excited with the plans Mark designed and for the opportunity it will give or residents, ” she said. “We will now have an indoor place for residents and the town to use for meetings, parties and many other things.”