Sheriff’s reports for the week of Nov. 2, 2016

Published 3:55 pm Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The following are incident and offense reports from the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office from Oct. 14-24:


Oct. 14

-Animal bite from 100 block of U.S. 253, Montevallo (residence/home).


Oct. 15

-Property damage from 100 block of Murray Drive, Montevallo (residence/home). Damaged items include a back windshield valued at $200.

-Fire investigation from 0 block of Kinstler, Maylene (residence/home).


Oct. 16

-Harassment from 2600 block of Valleydale Road, Birmingham (restaurant).

-Miscellaneous incident from 600 block of U.S. 26, Alabaster (highway/street).

-Burglary from 13000 block of U.S. 73, Montevallo (residence/home). Stolen items include a Dell -computer valued at $100 and a Samsing computer valued at $100.

-Domestic violence from 500 block of U.S. 406, Shelby (residence/home).


Oct. 17

-Permitting dogs to run at large from 400 block of Mostellers Drive (residence/home).

-Theft of property (other/unknown).

-Domestic investigation from 1000 block of Fairbanks Lane, Chelsea (highway/street).

-Sexual abuse of a child less than 12 years old from Brantleyville Drive, Maylene (residence/home).

-Domestic violence from 100 block of Little Yellow Leaf Drive, Columbiana (residence/home).

-Theft of property from 0 block of Snow Drive, Alabaster (parking lot/garage).

-Unlawful breaking and entering a motor vehicle from 800 block of U.S. 31, Alabaster (parking lot/garage). Stolen items include an electric grinder valued at $200, drywall cutters valued at $200, cutters valued at $200, and a hammer drill valued at $800.

-Unlawful breaking and entering of a vehicle from 300 block of U.S. 99, Shelby (residence/home). Stolen items include a leaf blower valued at $200 and a brush cutter valued at $300.

-Chemical endangerment from Stillwood Lane, Vandiver (residence/home).

-Harassing communications from 2600 block of Corporate Drive, Birmingham (commercial).

-Domestic investigation from 2000 block of Narrows Point Cove, Birmingham (residence/home).


Oct. 18

-Property damage from U.S. 49, Columbiana (highway/street).

-Death investigation from 900 block of Narrows Point Drive, Birmingham (residence/home).

-Driving under the influence from 29000 block of U.S. 25, Wilsonville (highway/street).

-Criminal mischief from 2300 block of U.S. 39, Chelsea (school/college).

-Domestic investigation from 100 block of Woodbury Drive, Sterrett (residence/home).

-Miscellaneous incident from Coalmount Road (field/woods).

-Domestic violence from 7900 block of U.S. 280, Chelsea (residence/home).

-Fire investigation from 500 block of County Road 26, Alabaster (highway/street).

-Miscellaneous incident from 2800 block of U.S. 93, Helena (residence/home).

-Harassment from 12000 block of Kenely Way, Birmingham (parking lot/garage).

-Domestic investigation from 1500 block of Heatherbrooke Road, Birmingham (residence/home).

-Domestic investigation from 1100 block of Altadena Rise, Birmingham (residence/home).

-Missing person from 100 block of Kinnebrew Drive, Chelsea (residence/home).

-Miscellaneous information from 100 block of Saintfield Lane, Birmingham (residence/home).

-Theft of property from Waxanatchee Road, Shelby (residence/home). Stolen items include a lamp valued at $350, mirrors valued at $300, a television stand valued at $100, and a coffee table with end tables valued at $500.


Oct. 19

-Domestic investigation from 6000 block of U.S. 10, Montevallo (residence/home).

-Domestic violence from 600 block of Highland Lakes Cove, Birmingham (residence/home).

-Miscellaneous incident from 5000 block of Heatherbrooke Parkway, Birmingham (residence/home).

-Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle from 21000 block of U.S. 55, Sterrett (residence/home).


Oct. 20

-Property damage from Cahaba Valley Road (highway/street).

-Miscellaneous incident from 1500 block of U.S. 491, Vandiver (residence/home).

-Theft of property from 3000 block of U.S. 77, Columbiana (residence/home). Stolen items include a trash can valued at $100.

-Theft of property from 1900 block of River Drive, Shelby (residence/home). Stolen items include a decoy deer valued at $200.

-Criminal mischief from 1000 block of Parkmont Road, Chelsea (residence/home).

-Miscellaneous information from Hunt Cliff Road (highway/street).

-Miscellaneous information from Cahaba Valley Road, Birmingham (other/unknown).

-Miscellaneous incident from 14000 block of U.S. 280, Chelsea (storage facility).

-Civil dispute from 100 block of Oakmont Road, Birmingham (residence/home).

-Burglary from 100 block of U.S. 259, Montevallo (residence/home).


Oct. 21

-Theft of property from 9000 block of U.S. 42, Shelby (residence/home). Stolen items include a four wheeler valued at $3,000.

-Miscellaneous incident from 6300 block of Rock School Road, Harpersville (highway/street).

-Miscellaneous incident from 100 block of South River Road, Shelby (residence/home).

-Criminal mischief from 100 block of Brookhighland Lane, Birmingham (residence/home).

-Harassment from AL-Youth Drive, Westover (other/unknown).

-Miscellaneous incident from Meadowlark Drive, Birmingahm (storage facility).

-Identity theft from 1000 block of Westwick Circle, Birmingham (residence/home).

-Theft of property from 2600 block of Valleydale Road (convenience store). Stoeln items include U.S. currency valued at $60,000 and locks valued at $300.

-Domestic violence from 300 block of Hillsdale Drive, Columbiana (residence/home).


Oct. 22

-Miscellaneous incident from 200 block of Stinson Drive, Columbiana (residence/home).

-Driving under the influence from 16000 block of U.S. 280, Chelsea (service/gas station).

-Death investigation from 100 block of Clear Springs Way, Shelby (residence/home).

-Disorderly conduct from 6900 block of U.S. 280, Chelsea (residence/home).

-Dogs running at large from 4900 block of Appaloosa Trail, Birmingham (residence/home).

-Duty upon striking fixtures from 300 block of Chesser Plantation Lane, Chelsea (highway/street).

-Leaving the scene of an accident from 800 block of Stonecrest Drive, Birmingham (parking lot/garage).

-Miscellaneous incident from 7300 block of County Road 55, Westover (field/woods).

-Domestic violence from 4700 block of U.S 71, Shelby (residence/home).

-Domestic violence from 100 block of Four J Road, Chelsea (residence/home).


Oct. 23

-Use of force from 6000 block of U.S. 280, Sterrett (residence/home).

-Suicide attempt from U.S. 270, Maylene (highway/street).

-Miscellaneous incident from 16000 block of U.S. 280, Chelsea (parking lot/garage).

-Theft of property from 5400 block of U.S. 280, Birmingham (convenience store).

-Domestic violence from 1300 block of Alston Farm Road, Columbiana (residence/home).

-Juvenile runaway from 300 block of Marigold Road, Shelby (residence/home).


Oct. 24

-Attempt to elude law enforcement from County Road 26, Alabaster (highway/street).