What are elementary school students, parents thankful for?

ALABASTER – Creek View Elementary School third-grader Kameron Alexander didn’t have to think long to name off what he was thankful for the week before the Thanksgiving holiday on Nov. 16.

“I’m thankful for my life, what I get to do and for the freedom we have,” Alexander said confidently as he enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast with his classmates in the school’s lunchroom.

His classmate, Liam Willey, gave a short but powerful answer when he was asked the same question.

“I’m thankful for God,” Willey said.

Willey’s mother, Jessica, and teacher, Lori Barton, also put faith and family at the top of their lists.

“I’m thankful for God, family, my health and my family’s health,” Barton said.

“My family and my husband and my niece who just came home from the hospital,” Jessica Willey added.

Continuing a yearly tradition, the Alabaster City Schools Child Nutrition Program staff welcomed students and their families for a school-made delicious feast featuring turkey, dressing and other traditional Thanksgiving delicacies on Nov. 15-16.

CVES third-grader Christion Spear, who was enjoying lunch with his mother, Renea, and stepfather, John, quickly named family members when asked what he was thankful for this year.

“My brother, my mom, my stepdad and my dad,” Christion said.

“I’m always thankful for family, they’re the best in the world,” Renea Spear said

“I’m happy just to be alive,” John added.

Across the city, students and families were also enjoying Thanksgiving lunch at Meadow View Elementary School.

Anthony Reed, who was eating with his grandson, Austin, said one of his top blessings was sitting at the table with him.

“My grandson lives with us, and I’m very thankful he’s with us,” Anthony Reed said.

Laura Carrell, who was eating with her children, Ashlynn, Ethan and Gavin, was happy to have all of her kids in one place.

“My family is healthy, and we’re all together today, so I’m thankful for that,” Laura Carrell said, as her children named pets and family members as their reasons for being thankful.

A few tables down, Robyn Gorse and her children Jovie-Ann Gorse and Souljer Gragg, said they had plenty to be thankful for this year.

“I’m thankful for having food,” Souljer said as he enjoyed his lunch, as Jovie-Ann said she was happy for her parents.

“I’m thankful for great schools. I couldn’t ask for anything better,” Robyn Gorse said.