Arrests for the week of Nov. 23, 2016

The following individuals were arrested by municipal police departments from Nov. 9-Nov. 15.




Nov. 9

-Tracey Lynn Honeycutt, 40, Alabaster, theft of property.


Nov. 10

-Savannah Skye Maxwell, 29, failure to appear.

-Alan Bradley Mathis, 37, Alabaster, public intoxication.


Nov. 11

-Keith Allan Smith, 55, Calera, failure to appear.

-Tammy Marie McCary, 46, Clanton, failure to appear.

-Knonekka Iesha Tinsley, 24, Clanton, theft of property.

-Rebecca Ann Lynn, 55, Clanton, theft of property.

-Kayla Lanece Simon, 29, Clanton, theft of property.


Nov. 12

-Robert Wayne Reaves, 26, Helena, 24 hour hold.

-Jason Lynn Gibson, 36, Alabaster, domestic violence.


Nov. 13

-Danny Michael Jett, 33, Columbiana, alias writ of arrest.

-Keith Alexander Doyle, 23, Alabaster, failure to comply with court orders.

-William Justin Stewart. 22, Calera, possession of a controlled substance.

-Lexis Michael Ensminger, 21, Maylene, driving under the influence.


Nov. 14

-Bryan Bell, 38, Alabaster, driving under the influence.

-Charles Morgan Holladay, 32, Pleasant Grove, contempt of court.


Nov. 15

-Antonio Dewayne Carter, 36, Calera, bench warrant.




Nov. 10

-Tommy Clarence Haynes, 59, Alabaster, disorderly conduct.

-Leona Coleman, 52, Center Point, driving under the influence.

-Eugene Boykins, 57, Birmingham, public intoxication.

-Tammy Lynn Gallups, 36, Calera, failure to appear.

-Justin Sewell, 29, Calera, failure to appear.

-Keith Alan Smith, 55, Calera, failure to appear.


Nov. 11

-Keegan Wesley Bunn, 37, Columbiana, possession of a controlled substance.


Nov. 12

-Malcolm Dubois Graham Bennett, 23, Montgomery, domestic violence.

-Colton Eugene Horton, 21, Calera, domestic violence.


Nov. 13

-Matthew Gamble Devers, 33, Millbrook, possession of a controlled substance.

-Amber Lynn Weston, 28, Adamsville, failure to appear.


Nov. 14

-Kenneth Wayne Lawley, 43, Alabaster, reckless driving.

-Brittney Renae Horton, 28, Columbiana, failure to appear.

-Karen Elizabeth Gravelle, 32, Calera, domestic violence.




Nov. 12

-Joshua Brett Spellman, Leeds, bail jumping.

-Sean Gregory Ford, Helena, driving under the influence.

-Pablo Espinoza Garcia, West Blocton, driving under the influence.


Nov. 14

-Jonathan Paul Norwood, Helena, domestic violence.





Nov. 4

-Matthew Stephen Hayes, Centreville, criminal trespass.


Nov. 6

-Stephen Matthew Gould, 23, Montevallo, theft of property.


Nov. 7

-Bernard Samuel Lacey, 35, Calera, alias warrant.

-Steven Lee Driver, 40, Clanton, alias writ of arrest.


Nov. 9

-Kimberly Mashell Watley, 35, Calera, alias writ of arrest.

-Brandon McKinley Miller, 25, Montevallo, court order.

-Cody Craig Ellis, 20, Pelham, court order.



Nov. 9

-Sean Ford, 30, Pelham, violating protection order.

-Matthew Harris, 35, Mobile, alias warrant.

-Jason Holmes, 41, Hartford, unlawful possession of a controlled substance.


Nov. 10

-Jamie Amerson, 32, Calera, alias warrant.

-Christopher Bailey, 30, Pelham, driving under the influence.

-Peralta Fernandez, 23, Birmingham, giving false name to law enforcement.

-Shannon Guyton, 46, Pelham, domestic violence.

-Ashley Robinson, 30, Birmingham, alias warrant.


Nov. 11

-Sterling Anderson, 43, Fairfield, foreign misdemeanor arrest.

-Peggy Broome, 59, Pelham, driving under the influence.

-Tonya Smith, 31, Birmingham, driving under the influence.

-James Weaver, 25, Pelham, unlawful possession of marijuana.


Nov. 13

-Joyce Kulger, 57, Gardendale, driving under the influence.

-James Moore, 57, Shelby, driving under the influence.

-Joan Whitfield, 47, Pelham, alias warrant.


Nov. 14

-Ralph Williams, 28, Bessemer, alias warrant.


Nov. 15

-Antonio Carter, 36, Calera, alias warrant.

-Scott Collins, 60, Marthasville, Missouri, public intoxication.

-Felipe Garcia, 51, Pelham, driving under the influence.

-Cassie Greene, 32, Birmingham, public intoxication.

-Kathleen Gunter, 24, Trussville, alias warrant.

-Lesley Henson, 25, Hueytown, alias warrant.

-Jarvis Johnson, 30, Birmingham, alias warrant.


Nov. 16

-Antonio Williams, 43, Birmingham, possession of drug paraphernalia.