New crop of leaders

Published 7:00 am Thursday, December 1, 2016

Meet the Leadership Shelby County class of 2017

Written by Neal Wagner

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The members of the Leadership Shelby County class of 2017 recently completed their opening retreat, and soon will begin working in groups on a several-month-long process to make Shelby County a better place.

Between now and May 2017, the about 40-member LSC class of 2017 will spend one day each month learning about different aspects of Shelby County. The class also will split up into multiple groups to complete projects aimed at leaving a lasting impact on the county.

For more than 20 years, the LSC program has been preparing Shelby County’s adult leaders for the future while giving them a greater understanding of the places they live and work.

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Over the next several months, the class will complete the following class days:

Opening Retreat
Objective: To foster team building among Leadership Shelby County class participants and to introduce the Leadership program concepts and processes.

Shelby County Day

Objective: Creating an awareness of the rich heritage of Shelby County and planting seeds for the future.

Education Day
Objective: To gain an accurate perspective of education in Shelby County by exposing class participants to educational resources and examining critical issues facing K-12 through higher education.

Justice System Day
Objective: To gain knowledge and understanding of law enforcement, court system, community corrections and juvenile services.

Economic Development Day
Objective: To give knowledge and understanding of the various organizations that work together to promote economic and industrial development in Shelby County.

Healthcare Day
Objective: To gain knowledge and understanding of what is happening in the healthcare arena and to heighten awareness of preventive strategies for health.

Government Day
Objective: To provide an understanding of the formal and informal processes of non-judicial aspects of state government, ways in which it relates to Shelby County, and ways in which leaders can be effective in the processes.

Quality of Life Day
Objective: To provide an understanding of volunteer opportunities and services in Shelby County.