Lily of the Cahaba DAR chapter donates Alabama biographies to schools

Published 3:29 pm Friday, December 2, 2016

Fourth and fifth grade students at Chelsea Park Elementary School recognized the Lily of the Cahaba chapter of the Alabama Society Daughters of the American Revolution for their donations to the school at an assembly on Dec. 2 at 9:30 a.m.

The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) donated the entire collection of the “Alabama Roots” biography series to CPES and Forest Oaks Elementary School as part of the state of Alabama’s Bicentennial celebration.

“We thought that this would be a wonderful way for us to help support the Alabama Bicentennial. When our state regent discovered this set of books, we thought this would be a perfect way,” National Society DAR Vice-President General and DAR Alabama Bicentennial Chair Connie Grund.

According to Alabama Bicentennial Ambassador Bobby Joe Seales, Alabama’s Bicentennial celebration will begin in March 2017, which will mark 200 years since Alabama was first considered a territory. The celebration will end in December 2019, 200 years from when Alabama was officially declared a state.

“Would you believe that, in December 2019, he state of Alabama will be 200 years old? It isn’t everyday that a state celebrates its 200th birthday,” Seales said. “We’re celebrating not one, not two but three years beginning in 2017. During this time, there will be something offered to everyone.”

The books in the series chronicle the lives of 45 prominent figures in Alabama’s history. CPES Principal Jeanette Campisi-Snider said the “Alabama Roots” biography series will help students gain a new perspective of their state’s history.

“[The books] go along with our course of study in the state of Alabama for the fourth and fifth grades,” Campisi-Snider said.

According to Grund, the biography series will help to instill a sense of state pride in Alabama students.

“It’s inspirational to kids to see that somebody who may have lived down the street or in a nearby county could achieve so much,” Grund said. “It will inspire them to set their own goals and think of the possibilities of what they can do in their future. Sometimes we look at people who are famous and think that they’re way out there. To bring it home and to show the accomplishments of people from their own state is very important.”

Grund also said that the Lily of the Cahaba Chapter is one of the first Alabama DAR chapters to donate books to schools for the state’s Bicentennial.

“There are 71 chapters in the state, and we’re hoping that each chapter donates at least one set of books to local communities,” Grund said.