Canine Country Club to open in south Shelby County

Published 12:45 pm Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Canine Country Club is slated to open before Christmas as part of the James Hale Stables Kennel Division. The Canine Country Club is owned by James and Jackie Hale, and is located on their horse farm, James Hale Stables, near the borderline between Chelsea and Columbiana off of Alabama 47

“We had the space, and I thought we should try something new and different,” James Hale said. “We’ve renovated half of our main training barn and converted it to a boarding kennel.”

According to James Hale, the kennel is climate controlled and has a 400-square-foot indoor play area with artificial grass designed for dogs. There will initially be 20 four-by-six-foot kennel spaces, and the Hales plan to add more kennel spaces in the spring.

Jackie Hale said the Canine Country Club plans to hire part-time help during the spring and summer months.

Because the Hales live on the property, they said the dogs will receive care that is tailored to their individual needs.

“It’s going to be very hands-on. It will help to know that someone is on the property 24 hours, seven days a week,” James Hale said. “Say you’ve got an older dog that needs medications at 10 p.m., or if the dog is on a schedule and you don’t want to change it, we’re here.”

Jackie Hale said many dogs experience difficulties at kennels in veterinary clinics, and the Canine Country Club will provide a different environment for those dogs.

“We hope that this will be an alternative for people whose dogs don’t do well in a clinic setting,” Jackie Hale said. “Maybe the dog gets nervous and associates going to the vet with getting shots. They won’t be afraid to come here.”

The Canine Country Club will also administer medications to dogs at no additional charge, offer a Bedtime Treat and Tuck-In services and will offer golf cart rides to the dogs.

Jackie Hale said the kennel is conveniently located and is on the way to several popular vacation spots in the southeast.

“People don’t have to travel through the traffic on Highway 280 to get to a clinic, and most of the local clinics have very limited boarding capacities,” Jackie Hale said.

The Hales said Dr. Amy Tate of the Riverview Animal Clinic lives nearby and will be on call if there are any medical issues.

Jackie Hale said the goal of the Canine Country Club is to give the dogs a place where they can relax and play while their owners are on vacation.

“We want to draw people who are going on vacation and want their dog to go on vacation too,” Jackie Hale said. “They can send their dog to the country for the weekend.”

The Canine Country Club is currently accepting reservations for the holiday season. Pets can be booked online at or by calling 258-2582.