Shelby County Schools Teachers of the Year honored

Published 3:19 pm Thursday, December 8, 2016


NORTH SHELBY – Some of Shelby County Schools’ top teachers were recognized Dec. 5 at the Teacher of the Year Celebration.

During a reception and program, Teacher of the Year candidates at the elementary, middle and high school level were honored.

Kendall Williams, director of the Shelby County Schools Education Foundation, welcomed those in attendance then helped SCS Superintendent Randy Fuller and Elementary School Coordinator Rickey Darby hand out awards.

Finally, the three teachers of the year were announced: Jenna Campbell from Montevallo Elementary School, Vicki Jackson from Oak Mountain Middle School and Dawn Howard from Vincent High School.

For each Teacher of the Year, a slideshow was presented with words of support from students, fellow teachers and administrators.

“I think Ms. Campbell is a great teacher because every time you go to her class, it’s nothing but fun. She’s not a mean teacher,” a student said.

“She’s really the heart of our school in a lot of ways. Vicki Jackson is an example of what we would want every teacher to be,” an administrator said.

“If I had the words to explain all she means to me, we would be here for hours,” a student said about Howard.

Elementary Teacher of the Year candidates included Campbell, Shawn Nash of Calera Elementary, Cindy Carlisle of Calera Intermediate, Jessi Adams of Chelsea Park Elementary, Leach Klimchak of Elvin Hill Elementary, Kathleen Boehme of Forest Oaks Elementary, Mandie Gibbs of Helena Elementary, Christy Cordrey of Helena Intermediate, Catherine Hart of Inverness Elementary, Noelle Koval-Lewis of the Linda Nolen Learning Center, Stephanie Tucker of Mt Laurel Elementary, Nina M. Butler of Oak Mountain Elementary, Amy de la Torre of Oak Mountain Intermediate, Christina Shaler of Shelby Elementary, Deana Floyd of Vincent Elementary and Brooke A. Brock of Wilsonville Elementary.

Middle school Teacher of the Year candidates included Jackson, Melanie Thomas of Calera Middle, Ashley Evans of Chelsea Middle, Krista M. Smith of Columbiana Middle, Anna M. Miller of Helena Middle and Brandon Horton of Montevallo Middle.

High school Teacher of the Year candidates included Howard, Douglas Forsythe of Calera High, Ashley Stuckey of Chelsea High, Melinda H. Adams of Helena High, Jessice Lynne Gothard of Montevallo High, Michelle Bullock of New Direction, John E. Croom of Oak Mountain High, Gary S. Griffith of the College and Career Center and Marisol Marie Lilly of Shelby County High.

At the conclusion of the event, Darby read a poem about teachers overlooking difficulties to find “the gold” in students.

“All of our teachers here tonight represent that,” Darby said. “They bring out the best in our children.”

Teachers that received National Board Certified Teacher renewals were also recognized. These teachers included Anne Betbeze of Calera Intermediate, Sheikla Blount of Columbiana Middle, Janet Butterfield of Oak Mountain Elementary, Christine Sexton of Forest Oaks Elementary, Renae Speaks of Helena Intermediate, Kristi Turner of Oak Mountain Intermediate and Myra Watson of Oak Mountain Intermediate.

The event was sponsored by Books-A-Million and hosted by SCS Education Foundation at Oak Mountain High School.

BAM provided all of the school nominees with a gift bag of items as well as a $25 gift certificate. The three overall winners received a $500 gift certificate along with a $500 stipend award from the Education Foundation.