Alabaster girl spends allowance to purchase gifts for hospital patients

Published 2:56 pm Thursday, December 15, 2016

By EMILY REED / Special to the Reporter

ALABASTER – For 10-year-old Alabaster resident Kaitlyn Weaver, the gift of giving comes easily.

Weaver, who battles multiple disabilities including juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, Ehler Danlos Syndrome and Von Willebrand Disease, decided to use her recent allowance money to purchase 12 blankets to pass out to kids at the infusion clinic at Children’s of Alabama on Dec. 16.

“Kaitlyn goes every three weeks to the infusion clinic and always takes her comfy blanket with her,” said Michelle Weaver, Kaitlyn’s mother. “Kaitlyn noticed one day that a lot of children didn’t come to the clinic with their own blankets. She thought it would be more comforting to them to have their own blankets with them while at the hospital, so she took her allowance and purchased 12 blankets to pass out.”

Michelle Weaver said her daughter loves to sing and wanted to monogram the blankets with a verse from one of her favorite songs.

Weaver said each blanket says, “strong warriors keep on fighting, don’t let the pain slow you down. Keep the faith, we are strong! Your friend strong warrior, Kaitlyn.”

Frou Frou Boutique in Alabaster covered the cost to monogram the blankets, Weaver said.

“Even though these children feel pain every day, Kaitlyn wanted to do something for them to show them they are strong warriors. Kaitlyn is a very strong little girl and very inspirational.”

Weaver said some of the children that will receive the blankets are Kaitlyn’s friends she has met while spending time at the hospital, while some of the children will be total strangers.

“The children range in age from 1-18, so we have different styles of blankets for different ages,” Weaver said.

Weaver said she is proud of her daughter for having the idea to encourage others going through difficult circumstances.

“The pain Kaitlyn goes through on a daily basis is incredible and for her to reach out and want to encourage others is really inspirational,” Weaver said. “I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the heart she has and the willingness to show love to others.”

While Weaver said Kaitlyn purchased 12 blankets to hand out, there are always kids at the hospital that would benefit from having blankets.

The hospital distributes blankets to all patients, but Weaver said it is often comforting for children to have their own personal blanket.

“The one requirement the hospital has in terms of giving blankets is they have to be new,” Weaver said. “They can’t be used, but if anyone is interested in donating blankets to children at the hospital they would always be thankful for them.”

Weaver said individuals interested in donating blankets could contact her via or by calling 222-6809.