Chelsea annexes two properties

Published 2:36 pm Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The city of Chelsea passed six ordinances to annex two properties at a regularly scheduled city council meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 20.

According to Mayor Tony Picklesimer, both properties were previously unincorporated and bordered the cities of Chelsea and Westover.

Five ordinances were passed to annex parts of 5330 U.S. Route 51, which is owned by Michael Morgan and contains 18 acres.

“It is state law that, when property is touching another municipality, it has to be brought in one half at a time, until you get the entire piece.”

Picklesimer said Morgan was given a choice between becoming a resident of Westover or Chelsea.

“His property touched another municipality, and it was his desire to come into the city of Chelsea. He had the choice of coming into Chelsea or another municipality,” Picklesimer said.

After all of Morgan’s property was annexed, the city of Chelsea was able to pass an ordinance to annex 5243 U.S. Route 51, which is owned by Kimberly and Stanley Sartin and contains 2.8 acres.

“By his piece coming in, it made it possible for the last family to come in, because the Sartin property touches the Morgan property, which is now in Chelsea.”

Picklesimer said both Morgan and the Sartin family are active in the Chelsea community and the city is glad to have them as Chelsea residents.

“[Morgan] is a local business owner. He’s a good citizen and he wanted to be a part of Chelsea. We are excited to have [the Sartins]. We started talking to them about [the annexation] last spring. They wanted to come into Chelsea, and we were finally able to get it worked out. We welcome both the Morgan family and the Sartins to Chelsea,” Picklesimer said.