COMS Day reception held on Oct. 27

Published 4:09 pm Thursday, December 22, 2016

By SABRINA ZIZO / Community Columnist

COMS Day, an event that celebrates the Communication Studies program at the University of Montevallo, was held on Thursday, Oct. 27 from 12-4 p.m. at the Anna Irvin Dining Hall.

There were a total of 141 individuals, which were made up of UM students, faculty, staff and alumni, along with community college students that attended COMS Day 2016.

This year, the Communication Studies senior capstone class focused on connection, creation and collaboration. This was done by the speakers and panelists discussing how connection, creation and collaboration is implemented through their personal Communication Studies degrees and in their current careers.

First, Bill Todd, the keynote speaker and president of o2ideas, discussed how he uses his skills from his undergraduate degree in Communication Studies to connect his clients to their target audiences.

Next, panelists Monica Black, the Communication and Development Associate for HICA and Chloe Cook, the Executive Director of Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival, discussed and answered questions about how they have created opportunities for themselves through the Communication Studies discipline and branches.

Finally, alumni of the UM Communication Studies program, Clark Maxwell, Calli Robinson and Crystal Roskam discussed how they collaborated their experiences and skills as a COMS major into their current professions now.

“COMS Day was such a positive experience for me,” said Claire Derosa, the chair of venue committee for COMS Day. “I was able to see something I care so deeply for, and spent months planning for, come to life. It was a proud moment for my classmates and me.”