Extraordinary bonds, creative people and teamwork

Published 5:03 pm Thursday, December 22, 2016

By CONNIE NOLEN / Community Columnist

“What about Keri the Blue Sparkle Fairy?” said PHS sophomore Anna Carden.

Looking for a way to create a unique ad for Literary Magazine’s student id drive, the class was brainstorming for a new advertising angle.

“Like the paper towels?” I asked.

We found Keri’s ads on Youtube and watched a few. A fun discussion followed. The staff briefly discussed an ad staring me—which I quickly dismissed. Suddenly, that clarifying moment of epiphany that all teachers long for occurred.

“I have an idea. My dog Sofi is really cute and smart,” said PHS senior Kat Owens. “What if we used Sofi in our ad?”

Instantly, the collective creative spark of the class ignited and a commercial was underway. Sofi the spokes pup captured the hearts of the Lit Mag staff. Sofi is adorable—and a very convincing actress.

Through collaborative effort and creativity, teamwork began.  A script was written, film clips and images shared via Google Drive, posters and signs created, social media posted, and announcements written. Finally, an advertising campaign complete with a great commercial launched. Now Sofi, the student ID dog, has captured the student body’s attention and we’re set to finalize student id sales, creation and delivery by Dec. 9.

Every year, a literary magazine staff is as unique just as the magazine they engineer. The PHS Literary Magazine provides a venue for the artistry of our school. With the artists, writers, photographers, and their aesthetic always changing, the magazine’s complexion is new each year.

“Even though I’ve been on staff twice in the past, I never truly know what to expect,” said PHS junior Morgan Harris.

The commercial the staff created inspired a PHS Lit Mag YouTube channel. This staff is rich with writers, artists, photographers and filmmakers—a very media invested group. I asked students what they expected of Lit Mag.

“I expect a class of extraordinary bonds, a family of artists, writers, photographers and more. I expect great and unique design,” said new staffer Erin Riley.

Riley is right. PHS Lit Mag staff starts strong!