Pelham Library Guild working to raise $300,000 for new library

Published 2:01 pm Thursday, December 22, 2016

PELHAM – The Pelham Library Guild is working to raise $300,000 to help purchase items for the city’s new library, which will be constructed in 2017.

The guild, a nonprofit that works to help raise additional funds for the library, is in search of people who would like to join the guild and help raise money for library initiatives.

“We’re looking for people with connections to corporations and businesses throughout the area,” said Councilman Maurice Mercer, council liaison to Pelham Public Library. “We’re looking for people in the community who have those kinds of connections and could use their leverage for the betterment of the city.”

Mercer said the Library Guild is gearing up to begin a fundraiser in January allowing residential, small business and corporate donors to have naming rights for meeting rooms and spaces inside the new library.

The Library Guild is in the process of finalizing the specifics of the fundraiser, but Mercer said the fundraiser is not limited to Pelham residents and businesses.

“Our library doesn’t serve just our city. Our circulation shows that people are coming to our library from other areas where there might not be as big of a selection,” Mercer said.

On the first Tuesday in March, the guild will also host Taste of Pelham, an annual event that raises money for the library.

The $300,000 will go toward purchasing devices like MacBooks, a 3D printer and audio books, among other items that will enhance the library.

The library will be a two-story building with about 10,000 square feet on each level for a total of 20,000 square feet. The first floor of the library will house the children and young adults sections. It will be a busy and collaborative space, while second floor will be more traditional with study and meeting rooms.

The Library Guild’s next meeting will be at 4:30 p.m. on Jan. 10, 2017 at Iberia Bank, 2695 Pelham Parkway. Those interested in joining the guild are encouraged to attend.