UM students involved in deep space observation

Published 4:05 pm Thursday, December 22, 2016

By SABRINA ZIZO / Community Columnist

The Astronomy Club at the University of Montevallo is one of the many clubs on campus that allows students to seek out their special interests in their spare time.

Paris Nelson, a junior communication studies major, took a course in astronomy her first year on campus and was quickly plugged into using the telescopes’ software, which eventually led to her involvement with the club itself.

Now the president of the club, Nelson serves as a leader by networking with donors of the observatory, negotiating budgets and enhancing her leadership skills. These duties have allowed for personal growth as well.

“Being President of the Astronomy Club has been a very enriching experience for me during my time at the University of Montevallo,” Nelson said. “One thing I have noticed is how well the skills I learn in my major transfer to serving as the president. I have loved serving our community and look forward to what is in store for us next in the future.”

This fall semester, the Astronomy Club has hosted two Bring Your Own Blanket Star Parties, and are planning to host more in the spring semester. The events include deep space observation of the night sky through their telescope, free hot chocolate, a laser tour of the sky and ample lawn space to kick back and enjoy the sky.

“Our university is very fortunate to have state of the art technology and a facility that is completely ADA accessible,” Nelson said of how special having the club on campus is. “The Astronomy Club celebrates the unique privilege of having this facility and works to connect our campus and community to further a passion for the celestial world.”

All Astronomy Club meetings and field trips are free to the campus and public. The entire facility is fueled completely with solar energy, is ADA accessible, and will soon have a garden feature installation.

For more information about the club and events, contact Paris Nelson at