Chelsea to buy security cameras for City Hall

Published 3:04 pm Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The city of Chelsea authorized the mayor to proceed with the purchase of security cameras for Chelsea City Hall at their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 3.

The city council unanimously approved a contract bid from the Shelby County Information Technology Services to install the cameras.

“I feel like it’s a necessary component to keep our employees safe, and also to keep our citizens who are visiting safe,” said Mayor Tony Picklesimer. “The number one job of a municipal government is to keep its people safe.”

Security cameras have previously been installed at the Chelsea Community Center, and Picklesimer said they have had a positive impact on the community. According to Picklesimer, the cameras have the potential to help reduce injuries and save lives.

“It gives a sense of security to the staff and to the people visiting. It makes people feel more comfortable, while they’re there,” Picklesimer said. “We’ve already had someone fall on the walking track, and the only way anyone saw him was through the cameras. We are already seeing the benefits.”

Installation of the security cameras at Chelsea City Hall will cost $4,952.32.