Pelham second graders learn what it means to be a great American

Published 10:14 am Monday, January 16, 2017

PELHAM – The Next Great Americans Bus Tour Kickoff stopped in Pelham on Wednesday, Jan. 11, to teach Pelham Ridge and Pelham Oaks elementary students what it means to be a responsible citizen.

The program is a part of a nationwide effort by the Learning Liberty Foundation that is designed to teach, inspire and empower the next generations of Americans. The Learning Liberty Foundation’s Super Citizen Program takes an active approach to teaching citizenship with the help of Lady Liberty, who brings the Statue of Liberty to life using skits, videos and sing-alongs to excite students.

Lady Liberty travels to schools throughout the nation inspiring students.

“This program really ties in great with our social studies standards,” said second grade Pelham Ridge teacher Lyndsay Anderson. “It goes hand in hand with our lessons.”

After Lady Liberty leaves, teachers and students are left with 10 units to study that revolve around American history, career development, financial literacy, character education and civics.

Anderson said students will also learn about national monuments and their importance. Most of the lessons with be completed in the classroom and a few will incorporate arts and crafts projects.

“These are age appropriate lessons and activities that teach the importance of integrity, honesty and being appreciative,” Anderson said. “These kids are our future and the goal is to teach them what it means to be the next great Americans of our country.”

At the end of the program, students at Pelham Ridge and Pelham Oaks will each select someone from the community who they feel exemplifies what it mean to be a Super Citizen and honor that person at an assembly.

“The Super Citizen will be completely chosen by the students at each school,” Anderson said. “They will write a few details about the person and explain why they chose the person to be their Super Citizen. It’s great because the students get really excited and they’re proud to honor the person they chose because now they understand the meaning behind all of it.”

Anderson said the programs for each school will be held sometime in March.