Helena First Friday organization donates $2,000 to city groups

Published 12:19 pm Tuesday, January 24, 2017

By GRAHAM BROOKS / Staff Writer

HELENA–2016 marked another successful year for the event called Helena First Friday and on Monday, Jan. 24, Kristi Scozzaro and Jim Wathen presented $2,000 to a variety of organizations that helped make the event successful at the Helena City Council meeting.

Both Scozzaro and Wathen helped plan and organize Helena First Friday, which took place in Old Town Helena the first Friday of most months in 2016.

During Helena First Friday events, Old Town Helena storefronts stayed open later, numerous vendors and food trucks would line the streets and a variety of entertainment was available, making it a fun event for everyone.

On Jan. 23, as a way to give back to the community, Scozzaro and Wathen presented checks to eight different organizations and groups in Helena totaling $2,000.

The following donations were provided:

–Two by Two Animal Rescue: $500

–The Helena Belles: $250

–The Jane B. Holmes public library: $250

–The Helena Fire Explorers: $250

–The Helena Police Department: $250

–The Helena Teen Council: $100

–Church at Cahaba Bend: $150

–Gospel Light Baptist Church: $250

“I’d like to thank the mayor and the police department and fire department because we couldn’t have pulled off some of the things we did,” Wathen said at the meeting. “When we set this up we wanted to share the wealth within Helena. We set some things up to give out to deserving charities and functions around town so that we can continue our process and help our inner city grow.”

Helena Council President Mike Jones was appreciative of the time and effort Scozzaro and Wathen put into Helena First Friday to make it a successful event.

“Kristi and Jim thank y’all so much for what you do,” Jones said. “This is a great event for the city and we know how hard you guys work on this and we do appreciate it. Thank you for giving back to these groups and the community.”

The next Helena First Friday event will be Friday, April 7, in Old Town Helena.