Bicentennial banners go up around Montevallo

Published 2:28 pm Tuesday, January 31, 2017


The City of Montevallo is celebrating its 200th year with decorative banners and events throughout the year.

On Jan. 25, city workers put up new banners around town to mark the city’s bicentennial year. The blue and gold design was selected to represent the schools and university with colors from each organization.

“The banners are a way of making people aware of the fact that this is Montevallo’s 200th year,” Bicentennial Committee Chair Pam Phagan said.

The banners were purchased by individuals in the community who wished to commemorate a family member or loved one. There is a space at the bottom of each banner for a name to honor or remember someone. When the year is over and the banners are removed, those who purchased a banner can keep it.

As of Jan. 25, the committee had sold 25 banners and the University of Montevallo had ordered 20 for a total of 45 banners throughout town, according to Phagan.

The banners are just the beginning of the year’s festivities. According to Phagan, the Bicentennial Committee has planned an art browse, readings of historical documents, a bike ride, a genealogy study, singings, a dance and a parade.

Art will be one of the focuses of the year’s festivities. Local artists will have the chance to showcase their work, choirs from the city will come together and sing and students will learn about the rich history of the city through various activities.

The grand event, according to Phagan, is the Birthday Bash on Sept. 9.

“It will be an event that is all inclusive. We will get together and celebrate this great city that has been here for 200 years,” Phagan said.

The Birthday Bash will include a barbecue and singing with choirs from local churches.

For more information about the bicentennial festivities or to inquire about the banners, email