Champion of Choices founder speaks at SCHS

Published 5:15 pm Friday, February 10, 2017

COLUMBIANA- Students at SCHS gathered in the gym on the morning of Friday, Feb. 10 to listen to Champion of Choices founder Marc Mero speak about making good choices. Mero is a former WWE Wrestling champion who has dedicated his life to helping others by sharing his testimony.

“I tell you all the time that I’m so proud to be your principal. Someone sees what you say, what you do and what’s in your heart. I’m asking you to be good to each other, because one person can change lives,” SCHS Principal Barbara Snyder said to students.

During his presentation, Mero spoke about how drug use, crime, depression and bad choices negatively affected his life.

“He talked about how he had written down his goals and his aspirations down,” Snyder said. “Once he reached the pinnacle of his success, he kind of tanked because he started making some poor choices and became involved in some activities that made him lose all of that. He talked about how success doesn’t make you happy, but your success comes from your happiness.”

Mero said he turned his life around after spending Christmas Day alone and contemplating suicide one year.

“If it weren’t for me stopping and talking to someone, I wouldn’t be standing here today. I cherish every moment I have left,” Mero said.

SCHS senior Molly Morris said hearing Mero speak left an unusually powerful impression on herself and some of her fellow students.

“Not many motivational speakers have made me get teary-eyed. He told us a very sad story, and the fact that he can come back from such a deep pit is really amazing,” Morris said.

Snyder said Mero’s presentation was especially helpful to students who may be going through a hard time.

“We’ve been going through some adversity in our community, and some students are struggling with a recent suicide over the summer,” Snyder said.

“I just felt like this would be very powerful to kids from a small town who sometimes feel trapped. We have a great student body, but if they could feel more unified and know that someone has their back, they’ll be stronger people.”

Mero encouraged anyone looking for help to visit the Champion of Choices website at or email him personally at

“I really want to encourage students to dream big. Students who are going through adversity in life need to know that they’re not alone and that they matter,” Mero said.