Shelby County scholars bowl teams compete at SCISC

Published 12:48 pm Friday, February 10, 2017

ALABASTER- The 2017 Shelby County Schools Varsity and B-Team Scholars Bowl Competitions took place at the Shelby County Instructional Services Building on Thursday, Feb. 9.

“It’s just like a Trivial Pursuit-type game. There are different toss up questions about everything from math and literature to pop culture,” said Shelby County Schools Administrative Chief Clerk Sonja Chapin. “For some of these kids, this is their niche. We always have a great group of kids every year.”

Shelby County Schools High School Coordinator Jay Peoples announced that the Helena High School and Oak Mountain High School varsity teams will compete for first and second places in a championship match at the Shelby County Schools central office on Thursday, Feb. 16. Shelby County High School’s varsity team came in third.

HHS varsity coach Lindsey Rogers said her team took a unique approach to preparing for the competition.

“We go through a set of questions every single week, and I had them write questions themselves,” Rogers said. “I had them do a research project on different countries that included past leaders, geography, literature and paintings.”

OMHS varsity coach James Moore said his team will prepare for the county championship by reflecting on questions from the competition.

“They’ve been gleaning information their whole lives. They’re just especially gifted that way,” Moore said. “To prepare for the championship, we’re going to eat some food and talk about the mistakes we made today.”

Robin Dixon of Chelsea High School held the highest individual score in the varsity competition. Cole Sullivan of OMHS and Josh Daugherty of HHS tied for second place, and Gabe Hunt of SCHS held the third highest score.

The following varsity students had the highest individual scores from their teams:

–Jeffrey Turnipseed of Calera High School

–Robin Dixon of Chelsea High School

–Josh Daugherty of Helena High School

–Grayson Fulmer of Montevallo High School

–Cole Sullivan of Oak Mountain High School

–Gabe Hunt of Shelby County High School

–Logan Clayton of Vincent High School

For the B-Team competition, SCHS took first place. The OMHS B-team came with second place, and CHHS took third.

SCHS student Billy Fryer held the highest individual B-team score, seconded by Elizabeth Camp of OMHS. Evan Mealens of CHHS held the third highest score.

The following B-team students also held the highest individual scores on their teams:

–Laura Jane Stallo of Calera High School

–Evan Mealens of Chelsea High School

–Miranda Batchelor of Helena High School

–Nathan Moreland of Montevallo High School

–Elizabeth Camp of Oak Mountain High School

–Billy Fryer of Shelby County High School

–Alayna Reynolds of Vincent High School

“This is truly one of these events where you are better and more enriched because you were able to participate,” Peoples said.