The Sassy Shopper opens in Alabaster

Published 12:32 pm Monday, February 13, 2017

ALABASTER- The Sassy Shopper held a ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday, Feb. 10 and opened its doors to the public for the first time on Saturday, Feb. 11. Owner Jennifer Rollo said The Sassy Shopper originally started as an online store, and she opened its physical location to better suit her clients’ needs.

“I’d been doing it for about a year online, and I was intentionally trying to help women who are on-the-go, so they could go ahead and shop,” Rollo said. “I found that they really want to try it on, touch it, see it and feel it. I decided to go ahead and make it a storefront.”

Rollo said she began to work opening the store in Alabaster about three months ago, and credited her family and friends for helping her get the store ready so quickly.

“I have had a lot of friends and family help with things like countertops and light fixtures. I have a friend in the real estate business, Nathan Mieure, who helped me get the place. And I’ve worked hard,” Rollo said.

The Sassy Shopper sells women’s clothing, shoes and accessories. While Rollo primarily targets adult women, she also has sections for teens and tweens. Some of the jewelry she sells is provided by Hadley Marie Designs, an Alabaster-based business.

“I try to cater to moms and women who are busy and want to look stylish while they’re out,” Rollo said. “These women want to go into their closet and grab something to wear and not worry about it. We have clothes that aren’t too tight-fitting, but kind of loose and that goes with everything.”

Rollo said she aims to create a warm and laid-back environment, where costumers feel welcomed.

“I’d rather be out talking, hugging and seeing how people are doing. I want people to feel at home here,” Rollo said.

She said she purposefully chose a location close to several Alabaster schools so moms could conveniently shop after dropping off or picking up their kids from school.

“All of my customers live right around here, and most of their kids go to these schools, and I thought this was the perfect spot,” Rollo said.

Alabaster Mayor Marty Handlon said The Sassy Shopper is a small-town business that will contribute to the city’s economy and encourage residents to shop locally.

“It’s a great feeling when the community gets together, and it’s a great day when our citizens can invest in our community,” Handlon said.

The Sassy Shopper is located at 1614 Kent Dairy Road in Suite 202.