Harlem Wizards dazzle Pelham crowd

Published 2:43 pm Monday, February 20, 2017

PELHAM – Pelham High School’s gymnasium was full of excitement and laughs Saturday, Feb. 18, as the Harlem Wizards traveled to Pelham to take on the Pelham Dream Team.

The Dream Team, made up of 28 local leaders, teachers and community members, played four eight-minute quarters against the Harlem Wizards. The Harlem Wizards began in 1962 and now travel around the world entertaining audiences for schools and nonprofits, which has resulted in millions being raised for fundraisers.

In the middle of the first quarter, the Harlem Wizards, a team that incorporates fun tricks and interaction with the crowd into their games, stopped to perform their rendition of Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Harlem Wizards players had nicknames such as “Broadway,” Loonatik,” “A-Train,” “Space Jam” and “Showtime.” Members of the Dream Team also had nicknames.

At the end of the first a member of the audience played a game for a chance to win Harlem Wizards merchandise. Impromptu dance sessions and skits throughout the game made the event fun for everyone.

Dream Team member, Joel Floyd, PHS boys basketball coach, said it was a fun change to be on the court rather than on the sideline.

“When I was asked to participate I agreed right away,” Floyd said. “This is a great event that supports the band and promotes Pelham in general.”

PHS Law Academy teacher Karen Varner said she helps with the basketball team, but has no athletic experience.

“It’s lots of fun, you just have to take it all in fun and just go with it,” Varner said.

During half time, the Harlem Wizards, signed autographs and took pictures with fans.

Band director Justin Ward said 300 tickets were presold online and more tickets were purchased at the door. Proceeds from ticket sales will go to the band. Concessions and a portion of the proceeds from Harlem Wizards merchandise sales go to the band also.

“I’m so proud of the turnout,” Ward said. “It turned out to be a nice community event and we hope to continue it every year.”

Ward said the funds will be used to help offset the cost of operating the band program, such as covering travel expenses and buying new uniforms.

The members of the Pelham Dream Team were:

Gary “The Mayor” Waters
Scott “Dr. C” Coefield
“Mighty” Maurice Mercer
Nathan “Clutch” Collins
“Steady” Stacey Moseley
Amanda “A-Train” Knight
Taylor “Swift” Ashley
Cyndi “Crossover” Mason
Susan “Swish” Colquitt
Greg “Big Ticket” Watts
Will “3-point” Felton
Scott “Main Man” Mains
Eric “L-Train” Long
Floyd “The Flash” Collins
Sean “The Shot” Anderson
Patrick “Payday” McDonald
Michael “Magic Man” Shivers
Christy “Hoops” Holman
Chase “Hi-light Reel” Holden
Rick “The Trick” Hayes
Rebekah “The Rocket” Phelps
Randy “Music Man” Duke
“Jumpin’ Joel” Floyd
Karen “The Kid” Varner
“Dunkin’ Danny” Isbell
Tiffany “Out of Sight” Wright
Donna “The Dream” Scelsi
Mildred Lanier, team coach