Three eyes of the entrepreneur

Published 3:18 pm Wednesday, February 22, 2017

By JOHNNY CARCIOPPOLO / Community Columnist

There are three distinct “eyes” (roles) that a business owner experiences in their business.

Entrepreneur, Manager and Technician. Let’s examine these 3 Eyes.

-Entrepreneur Eye (Looking forward)

In the beginning, business owners are very forward and future thinking. They must be able to anticipate and lead the business in the direction of success. They are very intentional about how they spend money and invest their time. This “eye” is very strategic and focused on the big picture, which allows the business to move forward and grow.

-Manager Eye (Looking Back)

This eye is very company focused, however, uses an analytical lens to focus on past experiences and results to create success in the now. Managers are intently aware that the business is tracking to expected results, and how they need to shift to ensure that they can deliver the expected results.

-Technician Eye (Tasks, Today)

The Technician eye is task focused and looks at the here and now. Their job is to complete the tasks of the day to satisfy the needs of the customers. They have no time to be forward thinking or think about comparisons to past results. Their entire day is focused on getting the things done that are most important that day.

It is normal for business owners to experience all three eyes, but trouble arises when you find yourself stuck in the Technician Eye most of the time. This is when the owner feels overwhelmed by the day-to-day activities and are so in the business they have no time to work on the business.

It is crucial to understand that when this happens, the chances for business success decline rapidly. Being able to spend enough time strategizing about your business is crucial to long-term success. The owners who recognize when this happens and take the appropriate steps to rectify it are far more likely to see continued growth in their company.

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