Lexi Frederick wins 2017 Miss CHMS pageant

Published 2:36 pm Wednesday, March 15, 2017

CHELSEA- The 2017 Miss Chelsea Middle School pageant was held in the CHMS cafeteria on Saturday, March 4. Nineteen contestants from infancy through the eighth grade competed in seven divisions.

“About seven years ago, we started to open the pageant to more age groups,” pageant sponsor Michelle Nivens said.

During the pageant, each contestant did a beauty walk. One contestant from each division was also awarded as Miss Photogenic.

“The judges were looking for their smile, their personalities, poise and posture,” Nivens said.

This year’s Miss CHMS pageant reintroduced the Little Mister Chelsea Division for the first time in years, which was won by Waylon Reese Nivens.

Aubrey Lenore Seritt was crowned in the Baby Miss Chelsea Division, and Mila Jayde Goggins was named as Wee Miss Chelsea.

The Tiny Miss Chelsea Division was won by Karsyn Giselle Hines, Kaitlin Nicole Maddox won the Petite Miss Chelsea Division and Isabella Grace Bruoilette placed first in the Little Miss Chelsea Division.

Avery Harris was named Chelsea Middle School’s Sixth Grade Princess.

“Avery is very polite and respectful, and she seems to be liked by her peers,” Nivens said.

2016 Miss CHMS Emma Evens gave her final walk before seventh grader Lexi Frederick was crowned as the 2017 Miss Chelsea Middle School.

“She’s very sweet, friendly, outgoing and compassionate,” Nivens said.

According to Nivens, Lexi has an extensive background in pageants, and is currently looking for ways to increase her involvement in the community as Miss CHMS.

“She’s spent a lot of time in pageants, and stopped doing them a few years ago. Now, she’s showing interest again, and she had fun,” Nivens said.

Nivens said the Miss CHMS pageant is a great way for contestants to represent their school and city, as will as gain lifelong friendships and valuable skills.

“This is a school title. I really enjoy it, and it’s worth it to make the pageant happen,” Nivens said. “Pageants are good for developing self-esteem and learning how to be in front of a crowd. The benefits that they can have for girls are valuable.”

The 2017 Miss CHMS pageant was sponsored by the CHMS golf team. Proceeds from the pageant will be used to help the golf team pay this year’s course fees.