Shelby County students honored for artwork

Published 12:06 pm Wednesday, March 15, 2017

By GRAHAM BROOKS / Staff Writer

ALABASTER–The most artistic students in the Shelby County School district were honored on Tuesday, March 14, at the Superintendent’s Visual Arts Exhibit and Awards presentation at the Shelby County Instructional Services Building.

Students in kindergarten through 12th grade were recognized in a variety of categories for their artwork that was on display for parents and administrators to see.

In addition to the students recognized at the district level, 15 students will also have their artwork submitted to the Alabama State Exhibit.

The 15 students whose work will be presented at the Alabama State Exhibit are as follows:

–Abbie Bentley, Calera High

–Kayla Betts, Calera High

–Olivia Bolling, Chelsea Middle

–Sydney Burnett, Oak Mountain High

–Rebecca Cloud, Calera High

–Mari Margaret Comer, Helena High

–Kamari Givan, Oak Mountain Middle

–Emma Harrison, Calera Middle

–Owen Key, Forest Oaks Elementary

–Rachel Sanders, Columbiana Middle

–Erin Shaw, Oak Mountain High

–Samantha Slaughter, Shelby County High

–Austin Tressillian, Vincent High

–Noah Yawn, Helena High

–Madeline Barnhill, Oak Mountain High School

Of those 15 students, Barnhill finished in third place overall in Category I at the state competition with her “Hands and Feet” illustration. Numerous art professors and museum curators judged the artwork presented at the state exhibit.

Barnhill is a student at Oak Mountain High School and currently has a full scholarship for art at the University of Alabama.

Helena High School student Lee Davis was presented two awards for artwork in Category I and Category II with her drawing “My Colorful Face” and photo “Angle of Face.”

When asked what was her favorite thing about art, Davis said “The fact that anyone can do it no matter their age. Everyone has their own sense of style.”

The students awarded at the district level are as follows:

Category I, Grades K-6

Owen Key, Forest Oaks Elementary–First place

Sophia Lane, Helena Intermediate–Second place

Jon Daniel Latham, Oak Mountain Intermediate–Third place

Abigail Smith, Elvin Hill Elementary

Natalee Scott, Vincent Elementary

Coleigh Dean, Chelsea Middle

Ann Thomas Crawford, Mt. Laurel Elementary

Branson Smith, Columbiana Middle

Julia Stanton, Shelby Elementary

Grady Watkins, Chelsea Park Elementary

Ella Thornthwaite, Montevallo Elementary

Kayla Song, Oak Mountain Elementary

Charlize McManus, Mt. Laurel Elementary

Leah Slaughter, Shelby Elementary

Kara Kendall, Calera Elementary

Kate Townley, Calera Intermediate

Cooper Cleveland, Elvin Hill Elementary

Brandon Cui, Inverness Elementary

Eleanor Martin, Helena Elementary

Sawyer Hobbs, Wilsonville Elementary

Category I, Grades 7-8

Rachel Sanders, Columbiana Middle–First place

Olivia Bolling, Chelsea Middle–Second place

Kamari Given, Oak Mountain Middle–Third place

Sasha Zannis, Helena Middle

Emily Lint, Montevallo Middle

Kayla Kratz, Vincent Middle

Emma Harrison, Calera Middle

Category I, Grades 9-10

Austin Tressillian, Vincent High–First place

Sydney Burnett, Oak Mountain High–Second place

Rebecca Cloud, Calera High–Third place

Bella Fancher, Montevallo High

Iridian Santos, Calera High

Lee Davis, Helena High

Category I, Grades 11-12

Madeline Barnhill, Oak Mountain High–First place

Mari Margaret Comer, Helena High–Second place

Samantha Slaughter, Shelby County High–Third place

Lauren Beagle, Helena High

Holiphin Manrandu, Vincent High

Ethan Crawford, Calera High

Alyssa Drawhorn, Montevallo High

Category II, Grades K-6

Amanda Youngblood, Vincent Elementary–First place

Ransom Mallory, Inverness Elementary–Second place

Vanessa Reyes, Calera Middle–Third place

Category II, Grades 7-8

Johana Piedra, Vincent Middle–First place

Category II, Grades 9-10

Abbie Bentley, Calera High–First place

Lee Davis, Helena High–Second place

Category II, Grades 11-12

Noah Yawn, Helena High–First place

Erin Shaw, Oak Mountain High–Second place

Kelsey Fields, Vincent High–Third place

Katie Loon, Helena High

Savannah Brasher, Chelsea High

Kayla Betts, Calera High