Police reports for the week of March 22, 2017

Published 3:46 pm Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The following incidents were reported by municipal police departments from Mar 9 to Mar 15.




Mar 9

-Chemical endangerment from 1000 1st street north

-Information only report from 1200 block of 4th avenue southwest

-Harassment from 1500 block 1st street north

-Animal complaint / barking dog from 100 block of kingsley court


Mar 10

-Property damage from 1950 butler road

-Animal complaint from 200 block of leaf lane

-Hospice death from 300 block of willow glen court

-Property damage from 1000 block of conner circle

-Lost property from 1300 block of royalty drive

-Animal complaint from 900 block of 3rd avenue southwest

-Animal complaint from 100 block of hickory street

-Information only report from 1000 1st street north

-Theft from 200 block of chestnut circle

-Theft from 630 colonial promenade parkway

-Animal complaint from 300 block of tradewinds circle

-Information only report from park place way


Mar 11

-Possession of controlled substance from Kentwood drive/ Kentwood way


Mar 12

-Trespassing notice from 9200 highway 119 suite 1400

-Information only report from 1100 block Thompson road

-Juvenile contact from 400 block of 1st avenue west


Mar 13

-Information only report from 100 block of Victoria station

-Unauthorized use of a vehicle from 500 block of simmsville road

-Criminal mischief from 1800 block of woodbrook circle

-Domestic incident from 100 block of spring place

-Animal complaint from 1500 block of kent dairy road

-Trespassing notice from 725 1st south cannon oil

-Menacing from 600 block of 1st street north

-Property damage from 700 block of olde towne circle


Mar 14

-Property damage from 300 block of tanglewood circle

-Property damage from 65 south / near 238 MM

-Information only report from 237 interstate 65

-Property damage from warrior drive

-Property damage from 201 1st street north

-Domestic incident from 400 block norwick circle

-Theft from 100 south colonial drive


Mar 15

-Domestic incident from 600 block of Windsor court




Mar 5

-Additional information from 43 green acres

-Incident from 197 union station drive

-Incident from 116 southern hills circle

-Found property from 11000 block AL highway 25


Mar 6

-Domestic incident from 105 moss hill circle

-Incident from 836 6th avenue


Mar 7

-Incident from 11040 AL Highway 25

-Domestic incident from 436 camden cove circle


Mar 8

-Additional information from 1065 seminole place

-Recovered property from 7374 US Highway 31

-Incident from bus stop @ Saratoga

-Domestic incident from 1036 seminole place


Mar 9

-Property damage from 700 block George roy parkway

-Property damage from 3200 block US highway 31

-Incident from 9178 country road 22

-Criminal trespass from 30 eagle way

-Incident from 10 depot drive

-Runaway juvenile


Mar 10

-Additional information from 1037 pearl place

-Additional information from 10 depot drove

-Additional information from 192 renwick lane

-Incident from 1990 16th street

-Incident from 11025 AL highway 25


Mar 11

-Death investigation from 783 10th street

-Property damage from 226 kensington manor drive

-Attempted suicide from 987 meriweather drive

-Domestic incident from 76 ivanhoe lane




Feb 27

-Domestic incident from 9100 block brookline lane (residence/home)


Feb 28

-Open container of alcohol in a vehicle from 100 block of lake Davidson lane (highway/street)

-Unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle from Helena marketplace (supermarket)

-Possession of a controlled substance and driving under the influence from highway 17 @ Hillboro lane (highway/street)


Mar 1

-Domestic incident from unknown (residence/home)


Mar 2

-Harassing communications from 4400 block of Englewood road (residence/home)


Mar 4

-Domestic incident from wyndham parkway (highway/street)

-Possession of drug paraphernalia and marijuana from Madison place at dead end (highway/street)


Mar 5

-Failure to appear from Pelham parkway (hotel/motel)


Mar 7

-Theft from highway 17 (storage facility)


Mar 8

-Domestic incident from 300 block chadwick place (residence/home)

-Bail jumping from CVS Pelham (drug store)

-Domestic incident from 3600 block of oakleaf drive (residence/home)


Mar 9

-Welfare check from SR-261 at ruffin road (highway/street)

-Abandoned vehicle from oakleaf circle at aviation road (highway/street)

-Domestic incident from 9100 block brookline lane (residence/home)


Mar 11

-Bail jumping from highway 52 east (government/public building)


Mar 12

-Domestic incident from stonecreek trail (residence/home)

-Trespass warning from stonecreek trail (residence/home)

-Hindering prosecution from Plantation place (residence/home)

-Domestic incident from 200 block of chestnut forest drive (residence/home)


Mar 13

-Unknown incident/offense from Cahaba club drive (residence/home)

-Harassing communications from 2800 block of saint Patrick place north (residence/home)


Mar 14

-Barking dog and dog at large from Marlstone court (highway/street)




Mar 6

-Domestic violence from Skyview apartments (residence/home)


Mar 7

-Burglary and theft from Wolf Creek apartments (residence/home)


Mar 8

-Duty to give information and render aid from Main street (highway/street)

-Hospice death from Ammersee lakes drive (residence/home)

-Duty to give information and render aid from middle street (highway/street)


Mar 9

-Domestic incident from oxford apartments (residence/home)


Mar 10

-Domestic incident from graham street (residence/home)


Mar 11

-Theft from shelby street (residence/home)





Mar 5

-Fraud from 1000 block Oliver street (convenience store)

-Breaking and entering vehicle from 600 block cahaba manor trail (residence/home)

-Breaking and entering vehicle from 100 block racquet club parkway (parking lot/garage)


Mar 6

-Theft from 2800 block Pelham parkway (residence/home)

-Criminal mischief from 800 block willow oak drive (school/college)

-Theft from 400 oxford way (residence/home)

-Theft from 2100 block Pelham parkway (grocery/supermarket)


Mar 7

-Burglary from 300 block opportunity drive (school/college)

-Burglary from 3500 pelham parkway (commercial/officer building)

-Property damage from 1000 block Huntley parkway (highway/road/alley)

-Property damage from 1000 block Huntley parkway (highway/road/alley)


Mar 8

-Fraud from 400 Cambrian ridge trail (highway/road/alley)

-Suspicious person/situation from 300 block opportunity drive (school/college)


Mar 9

-Theft from Southgate Mhp (other/unknown)


Mar 10

-Theft from 8100 block Helena road (other/unknown)