TIS institutes ‘Motivation Mondays’ for staff

Published 3:29 pm Tuesday, March 21, 2017

By SHAY TRAYWICK / Community Columnist

You know that feeling you get on Sunday night right before many of you go back to work for the work week, and you know that your two-day rest and relaxation (or busy ballpark, cleaning and socializing) time has come to an untimely halt.

It is Monday. The dreaded Monday that a very small part of the world gets truly excited about that yet, due to no fault of its own, comes around each and every week.

As you drag yourself into the office, classroom or job site, you probably wish for a hot cup of coffee and something to eat in order to get fired up for the day.

For the past school year, Thompson Intermediate School has implemented “Motivation Mondays” for their faculty and staff.

The coffee is donated by a local coffee shop, and a different group or company provides the breakfast.

From pastries to biscuits and gravy, these teachers are welcomed one Monday each month by this tasty form of motivation. After all, who is not motivated by food and drink?

So now I know you are all wondering how you can donate or participate in Motivation Mondays at TIS.

It is quite simple, actually. You can call the school anytime and inquire for dates that are not yet filled with such yummy delights.

You may also be wondering, “Can I promote my business there with my treats?” The answer is yes! You can leave business cards or samples for the faculty to browse through while they partake in your delicious generosity.

While there is no exchange of products at the school itself, you may be delighted by the support you may gain for future endeavors during their personal time.

For this group of faculty and staff, the warmth of the coffee and the taste of goodness is just one way they find to make every day at TIS a great day!