Chelsea updates Planning and Zoning Application, zoning fees

Published 12:30 pm Wednesday, March 22, 2017

CHELSEA- The Chelsea City Council unanimously voted to update the Chelsea Planning and Zoning Application, as well as zoning fees, at a regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, March 21.

“We updated it based on current city averages. When people come in to make this changes, we have a lot of manpower that it takes to make these changes happen,” Picklesimer said. “This is accommodating our growth, covering our costs and trying to give great services to our citizens.”

Picklesimer said zoning fees were increased to account for the rapid economic growth that is occurring in Chelsea.

“We’re not trying to take advantage of anyone. We want to be fair and encourage new construction, but cost is cost,” Picklesimer said

Picklesimer said the ordinance primarily affects residents and business owners who are doing any form of construction within city limits.

The city also voted to annex the property of Make Way Partners Corp., which is located on Shelby County 51 and contains 11 acres.