Alabaster students honor their heroes

Published 2:41 pm Thursday, March 23, 2017

By NEAL WAGNER / Managing Editor

ALABASTER – Second-graders at Alabaster’s Meadow View Elementary School honored everyone from the school’s secretaries to one of the city’s firefighters during a “Super Citizen” award program on March 23.

Through the Liberty’s Legacy Super Citizen program, second-graders at Meadow View Elementary School presented “torch pins” shaped like the Statue of Liberty to several adults who give back to the community.

Several weeks ago, the school began the Super Citizen program with kickoff events. Since then, each second-grade class at the school has identified a local hero they consider to be a Super Citizen.

During the March 23 ceremony, the kids presented torch pins to the following honorees:

-Mrs. Connell’s class honored MVES art teacher Melissa McMurray.

-Mrs. Thrasher’s class honored MVES Assistant Principal Tanya Wildman.

-Mrs. Rush’s class honored MVES Principal Rachea Simms.

-Mrs. Owensby’s class honored MVES Assistant Principal Taylar Posey.

-Mrs. Fleming’s class honored firefighter Daryle Ray.

-Mrs. Bell’s class honored local resident Robert Dunn.

-Mrs. Gladney’s class honored MVES custodian Emiley Glass.

-Mrs. Chappell’s class honored MVES School Resource Officer Jamison Lee.

-Mrs. Kakoliris’ class honored Alabaster City Schools Superintendent Dr. Wayne Vickers.

-Mrs. Reeves’ class honored MVES secretary Lu Ann Gossett.