Sheriff’s reports for the week of April 6, 2017

Published 2:33 pm Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The following incidents were reported by the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office from March 10 to March 26.


Mar 10

-Criminal trespass from 800 block of smokey road (residence/home)


Mar 15

-Miscellaneous incident from 16000 block US highway 280 (other/unknown)


Mar 16

-Domestic violence from 5000 block highway 16 (residence/home)

-Domestic investigation from 12000 block of highway 43 (residence/home)

-Domestic investigation from 900 block of talon way (residence/home)

-Miscellaneous incident from 1000 block of highway 46 (residence/home)

-Theft of property from 1400 block of highway 303 (residence/home)

-Theft of property from 2321 highway 39 (school/college)

-Theft of property from 200 block of linwood road (residence/home)

-Identity theft from 0 block mount laurel avenue (residence/home)

-Miscellaneous incident from 31000 block of highway 25 (residence/home)


Mar 17

-Miscellaneous incident from 1000 block Brook highland lane (residence/home)

-Miscellaneous information from 380 McDow road (other/unknown)

-Criminal mischief and trespass from 5000 block of highway 61 (residence/home)

-Miscellaneous incident from highway 145/highway 30 (highway/street)

-Criminal trespass from 19200 block highway 145 (residence/home)

-Miscellaneous incident from 500 block highway 406 (residence/home)

-Miscellaneous information from 700 block Barristers court (residence/home)

-Civil dispute from 0 block of fowler lane (residence/home)

-Domestic investigation from 200 block swann drive (residence/home)

-Theft from 1000 block of highway 441 (residence/home)

-Domestic violence from 200 block of swann drive (residence/home)

-Theft from 200 block of Oakmont circle (other/unknown)

-Domestic violence from unknown (residence/home)

-Miscellaneous incident from 100 block payton place (residence/home)


Mar 18

-Property damage from 3400 block of Heatherbrooke parkway (parking lot/garage)

-Harassing communications from 53000 block of highway 25 (residence/home)

-Harassing communication from Over the Phone (other/unknown)

-Miscellaneous incident from 200 block of highway 302 (restaurant)

-Miscellaneous incident from Monte Verde Lane (residence/home)

-Miscellaneous incident from 9000 block of highway 41 (residence/home)

-Domestic investigation from 200 block rock school road (residence/home)

-Structure fire from 400 block massey road (residence/home)

-Domestic violence from 7600 block of old highway 280 (residence/home)

-Possession of controlled substance from 16000 block highway 280 (convenience store)

-Domestic violence from 1700 block inverness cliffs (residence/home)

-Miscellaneous incident from 9000 block of highway 41 (residence/home)


Mar 19

-Miscellaneous incident from 16900 block of highway 280 (convenience store)

-Property damage from 10000 block county road 47 (highway/street)

-Domestic investigation from 400 block of chesser plantation lane (residence/home)

-Criminal mischief from 2000 block lime creek drive (construction)

-Domestic investigation from old buttermilk road (residence/home)

-Possession of marijuana from 2600 block valleydale road (parking lot/garage)

-Promoting prison contraband in the second degree from 380 mcdow road (jail/prison)

-Unlawful possession of controlled substance from 4000 block highway 25 (hotel/motel)

-Domestic violence from 8000 building stonecrest drive (residence/home)

-Possession of marijuana from 1000 block of eagle nest circle (field/woods)

-Fire investigation from 25000 block of highway 145 (residence/home)

-Domestic violence from 2200 block of highway 86 (residence/home)

-Death investigation from 200 block of brookehighland lane (residence/home)

-Criminal mischief from 2000 block lime creek drive (construction)

-Miscellaneous incident from 3200 block of inverness lane (residence/home)

-Fire investigation from 100 block highway 24 (field/woods) (parking lot/garage)

-Property damage from 10000 block of country road 47 (highway/street)


Mar 20

-Disorderly conduct from 15000 block highway 55 (residence/home)

-Harassment from 10000 block Kenley way (parking lot/garage)

-Miscellaneous information from 100 block of chatham court (residence/home)

-Death investigation from 2000 block of westover road (residence/home)

-Miscellaneous information from nelson walker road (residence/home)

-Miscellaneous information from highway 42 (highway/street)

-Domestic investigation from 300 block Birmingham street (residence/home)

-Possession of controlled substance from 200 block highway 315 (residence/home)

-Theft from 12000 block highway 61 (residence/home)

-Theft from new hope mountain road (residence/home)

-Domestic violence from 2400 block of westover road (residence/home)

-Possession of controlled substance from 4900 block keith drive (residence/home)

-Domestic violence from Hiawatha drive (residence/home)

-Driving under the influence from harvest ridge lane (highway/street)

-Domestic investigation from 2000 block of westover road (residence/home)


Mar 21

-Property damage from 3000 block of highway 70 (highway/street)

-Miscellaneous incident from 200 block highway 315 (residence/home)

-Criminal mischief from 4700 block of highway 71 (storage facility)

-Miscellaneous from mount laurel elementary school (school/college)

-Criminal trespass from 400 block of forest lakes drive (residence/home)

-Miscellaneous incident from unknown (other/unknown)

-Breaking and entering a vehicle from 9000 block of south main street (residence/home)

-Breaking and entering a vehicle from 300 block of highway 315 (residence/home)

-Death investigation from 1000 block highland park place (residence/home)

-Death investigation from 3000 block knollwood circle (residence/home)

-Harassment from bell drive @ highway 25 (highway/street)

-Property damage from highway 11 @ cain road (highway/street)

-Theft of property from 1oo block ashton woods drive (residence/home)

-Forgery from 4100 block of eagle crest drive (residence/home)

-Theft by deception from 7100 block cahaba valley road (commercial)

-Identity theft from Walmart (supermarket)

-Harassing communications from ET lane (residence/home)


Mar 22

-Found property from unknown location on highway 70 (highway/street)

-Miscellaneous incident from 380 mcdow road (government/public building)

-Property damage from 4600 block highway 49 (highway/street)

-Criminal mischief from 4000 block of eagle wood court (residence/home)

-Criminal mischief from 5479 highway 280; suite 128 @ arbor place shopping center (restaurant)

-Harassment from Kenley way (highway/street)

-Theft of services from 2400 block forest lakes lane (residence/home)

-Domestic investigation from 1200 block of turtle lake drive (residence/home)

-Property damage from 4600 block highway 49 (highway/street)

-Breaking and entering a vehicle from 1100 block of highway 46 (residence/home)

-Burglary from 100th block of 2nd avenue (residence/home)

-Miscellaneous incident from 5000 block of highway 10 (residence/home)

-Domestic violence from 3000 block north broken bow drive (residence/home)

-Death investigation from wooded area off of cornerstone circle (field/woods)

-Burglary from 7000 block of highway 47 (residence/home)

-Burglary from 100 block of Higgins road (residence/home)

-Breaking and entering a motor vehicle from 100 block of turtle lake drive (residence/home)

-Illegal possession of fraudulent use of a credit card from 2000 block of brook highland ridge (residence/home)

-Abandonment of child from 2000 block Shelby forest cove (residence/home)

-Burglary from unknown (unknown)

-Violation of protective order from 3300 block highway 93 (residence/home)

-Theft from unknown (other/unknown)

-Burglary from 7400 block of highway 55 (residence/home)

-Harassment from 700 block highway 31 (residence/home)


Mar 23

-Miscellaneous information from 1000 block regent park drive (residence/home)

-Harassment from 1400 block of egg and butter road (residence/home)

-Miscellaneous incident from 100 block of huckleberry drive (residence/home)

-Knowingly transmits a sexually transmitted disease to another person from 100 block Christopher cove (residence/home)

-Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle from 11000 block highway 61 (residence/home)

-Missing person from 100 block of landfill road (residence/home)

-Miscellaneous incident from 100 block of essex drive (residence/home)

-Theft from 3400 block of heatherbooke parkway (parking lot/garage)

-Theft from eddings lane (residence/home)

-Miscellaneous information from 100 block chestnut lane (residence/home)

-Domestic investigation from 900 block meadow drive (residence/home)

-Theft from winn dixie (supermarket)

-Miscellaneous incident from eagle point parkway @ highway 280 (highway/street)

-Harassment from country road 55/sun valley circle (highway/street)

-Miscellaneous incident from 4000 block of highway 32 (highway/street)


Mar 24

-Miscellaneous information from 5650 cahaba valley road (other/unknown)

-Miscellaneous incident from 1000 block of cahaba valley road (residence/home)

-Miscellaneous incident from 30000 block of highway 25 (highway/street)

-Harassment and indecent exposure from 130 block of tomlyn road (residence/home)

-Domestic incident from 5200 block cahaba valley road (residence/home)

-Civil dispute from 700 block of mimosa road


Mar 25

-Miscellaneous incident from 10000 block Kenley way (residence/home)

-Miscellaneous incident from 57000 block of highway 25 (residence/home)


Mar 26

-Domestic violence investigation from 3300 block of heatherbrooke road (residence/home)

-Domestic violence investigation from 1400 block of highland lakes trail (residence/home)

-Domestic investigation from 3300 block inverness landing (residence/home)

-Death investigation from 5500 block of heath row drive (residence/home)

-Domestic investigation from 7900 block highway 11 lot 27 (residence/home)