Tosney chosen for seat on Hoover Board of Education

Published 1:57 pm Wednesday, April 5, 2017

HOOVER – The Hoover City Council selected businesswoman and former teacher Amy Tosney to fill a forthcoming vacancy on the Hoover City Schools Board of Education.


Tosney was chosen from among three applicants by the council on Monday, April 3.

“I am passionate about our city and our schools,” Tosney said. “I will do my very best for all of our students. I am humbled by this appointment and look forward to serving the Hoover City School district.”

Tosney’s five-year term on the board will begin in June, when the term of board President Stephen Presley expires.

The other applicants were Miles College student Shekinah Lee and Simmons Middle School teacher Susan Ogle.

Tosney, who lives with her husband Joe and three children in Lake Crest, has been a Hoover resident for nine years, according to her application.

Tosney has a 16-year-old child attending Hoover High School and an 11-year-old child attending Gwin Elementary.

After graduating from Pinson Valley High School in 1988, Tosney attended Jacksonville State University, where she earned a degree in secondary education in 1993.

A former middle school and high school teacher at Erwin High School, Tosney said she is “passionate about making sure that we provide superior education opportunities for our children.

“This is a great time to be on the school board because our superintendent and board members have great vision and leadership, and we have a wonderful opportunity to accomplish so much,” Tosney wrote in her application. “One of the strengths I would bring to the board is my ability to lead. These skills have developed over the years through my roles as a teacher, facilitator for reading groups and supervisor in our business.”

Tosney has served as fundraiser chairwoman for the Hoover High School Choir Booster Club and the HHS Paradigm Show Choir. She volunteered for school registration and has been active in her church, Hunter Street Baptist Church.

Magic City Door is Tosney’s employer. Her position is vice president.

Tosney said she thinks zoning will continue to be an important topic as Hoover grows, and suggested the school board set objectives to accomplish over the next 12 months, agree on methods to accomplish the objectives then evaluate progress throughout the year.

“I think we should be effective and caring advocates for our students, parents and faculty members and represent their best interests,” Tosney wrote. “One way is to attend school events and activities and let them know we are involved in school affairs. Another way is to be responsive to their questions.”