UM students make film in Montevallo

Published 10:37 am Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Montevallo Film Club, an unofficial club for students at the University of Montevallo, recently completed filming its second film in Montevallo.

Montevallo Film Club was started by students to get their classmates involved in the filmmaking process. The club is in its second year.

This year, the group wrote and filmed a 25-minute short film entitled “Predestination” in multiple locations in Montevallo. The film will be submitted to Sidewalk Film Festival in Birmingham.

“I wanted to start the club to show the school that there is an interest in film, so if they wanted to get a major or minor there would be students that are interested,” film club president Morgan Evans said. “It’s also my passion: to make films.”

Evans was involved with starting the club during the 2015-2016 school year. Anyone from any major can join the club.

“I’m a mass communications major, but I love writing, I love performing,” vice president Katy Johnson said. “I’ve had an interest in theater and movies for a while, so it’s really awesome that I had the opportunity to utilize and develop those skills in a club like this.”

“It’s wonderful to learn a new set of skills and also taking on a particular part in a club and the production. You learn a little bit of responsibility,” writer John McIntyre Dyess said.

The club is also a place for students whose fields are closely related to film to benefit from the experience of being part of a production.

“It gives our theater majors at Montevallo an opportunity to learn film acting skills because [they] are very, very different from theater acting skills,” Evans said. “It gives people an opportunity to really see that you can’t just go out and make a movie. It shows you all the planning and budgeting. Budgeting is really, really hard.”

The film was funded through donated equipment and donations from members of the film club.

The unofficial club has finished filming its film for this year and started doing post-production work. They hope to finish and submit it to Sidewalk Film Festival by April 15.

Montevallo Film Club hopes to show the film for Montevallo next year after the festivals.