King’s Home raising funds for personalized license plates

Published 1:30 pm Thursday, April 13, 2017

By EMILY REED / Special to the Reporter

CHELSEA – The King’s Home is currently taking orders until May 31 for a personalized license plate to help support abused youth, women and children.

“The process to sign up for a tag is so easy, so we are asking people to really consider getting one and helping our organization,” said Kings Home director, John Tidwell. “We are a local charity that helps close to 200 individuals a day that depend on us for their home. We provide a Christian, loving home and give plenty of opportunities for people to be who they were created to be.”

The organization also has the Hannah Homes Campus of King’s Home, which provides a residential “home-like” setting for women and mothers with children so they can regain their lives after being abused.

“Women that come here know they are loved,” Tidwell said. “A lot of times they are coming from very abusive situations, and it takes a while for a woman to regain her composure after being abused. Our goal for them is to leave here with a savings account, education, and hope, and the tags will help bring in funds for that side of our organization that we really need.”

Currently, the Chelsea-based charity organization is taking “pre-commitments” for the tags, which were approved by the Alabama State Legislation after a process that took more than three years, Tidwell said.

“It was a big process to go through to get the tags approved,” Tidwell aid. “We had to design it, advocate for it, and once we were approved, we now have to get 1,000 people to agree to purchase one, which is required by the state before production of the tag can begin.”

The tag is a $50 tax deductible donation, with $41.25 of every tag going directly to King’s Home.

“We are asking people to consider this a donation for our organization,” Tidwell said. “If we don’t reach our goal, everyone that has signed up for one will be refunded their money, but we are really hoping we get enough people that are interested.”

Tidwell said if individuals want to personalize their car tags with a “vanity” tag, which typically costs an additional $50, it is offered free for those signing up for a King’s Home tag.

“All you have to have is a credit card and your license plate number when you sign up for a tag,” Tidwell said.

The organization has adopted the phrase “tag you are it” to help generate interest in the fundraiser.

Those interested in signing up for a tag can do so through the website for King’s Home under the “get your license tag” tab at or by calling 678-8331 ext. 1810 and asking for Jane.