Spring brings new PHS principal

Published 3:08 pm Thursday, April 20, 2017

By CONNIE NOLEN / Community Columnist

PHS begins the spring of 2017 with a new principal, Mrs. Amanda Wilbanks.

“I cannot begin to express how excited I am to be Pelham High School’s principal,” said Wilbanks. “I’ve always known PHS to be the home of proud traditions and excellence. Given the opportunity to work as PHS assistant principal two years ago, I quickly agreed to join the Pelham family.”

New PHS Principal Amanda Wilbanks smiles shortly after receiving the news at a recent PCS BOE meeting. (Contributed)

Wilbanks has become Pelham High School’s eighth principal. Already well-known in the Pelham community, Wilbanks has proven herself as a very involved, visible and hard-working administrator who regularly attends arts, academic, athletic and other PHS events.

“I’ve grown to know and love the students, faculty and staff here,” said Wilbanks. “These individuals inspired my vision for PHS.”

While Wilbanks knows Pelham’s strengths, she also has a vision for taking the school to new levels of excellence.

“We’re going to grow leaders at Pelham through a collaborative and welcoming culture. Our students and staff are strong already, but need new ways to grow their potential within the school and community,” said Wilbanks. “I believe our teachers deserve to help make decisions about the school and their position within it.”

Most importantly, Wilbanks believes that student collaboration is essential for high school experiences that truly prepare students for college and the workplace.

“Our students should also have a voice,” said Wilbanks. “We’re designing a student advisory board that will provide students opportunities to learn from and give back to the community. Our College and Career Academies have student advisory boards who are providing essential input to those academies. I want students to have input on the school level as well.”

Finally, Wilbanks believes that involving parents and the Pelham community is essential.

“Parents and the community should feel welcome at PHS,” said Wilbanks. “I am always open to talking with our stakeholders and involving everyone in our continued growth. Great things are happening at PHS and I am so happy to be part of it!”

The energy, vision and leadership of Wilbanks promise great success for Pelham High School’s next chapters.