Arrests for the week of May 3, 2017

The following individuals were arrested by municipal police departments from Apr 19 to Apr 27.




Apr 19

-Jessica Lynn Anderson, 28, Birmingham, FTA: no insurance

-Robert Louis Weber II, 52, Calera, alias writ

-Katherine Standifer Morning, 56, Helena, Theft of property

-Mason Olen Hensley, 20, Alabaster, alias writ

-Lisa Ann Kromer, 46, Montevallo, alias writ


Apr 20

-William Edmond Floyd Jr., 45, Birmingham, alias writ

-Kirby Ann Hester, 29, Vestavia, alias writ

-Kendall Joyce Bell, 20, Calera, harassment or harassing communications

-Eric Jermaine Williams, 30, Alabaster, failure to comply with court orders

-Mario Valdes Dominguez, 31, Saginaw, alias writ

-Samantha Mai Lee, 27, Alabaster, alias writ

-Jonathan Blake Sims, 24, Homewood, Receiving stolen property


Apr 21

-Miles Scott Jenkins, 24, Montevallo, Fail stop sign

-Fanne Parker, 60, Midfield, alias writ

-Steven L Dennis, 35, Verbena, alias writ


Apr 22

-Brianna Taylor Creel, 18, Maylene, driving under the influence – alcohol

-Victor Hugo Cazares-Martinez, 18, Alabaster, possession of drug paraphernalia

-Aleksandr Thomas Gupton, 35, Birmingham, violation of court order

-Shawn Dewayne House, 43, Tarrant, harassing communications

-Stephanie Brooke Jenkins, 36, Alabaster, failure to display insurance

-Dexter Dewayne Pickett, 25, Leeds, alias writ


Apr 24

-Jospeh Michawl Guzik Jr., 34, Columbiana, running red light

-Donna Paris Reneau Green, 29, Alabaster, alias writ

-Mark Allen Long, 51, Maylene, driving while suspended

-Wesley OBrian (Swift) Gaiters, 27, Alabaster, failure to arrive


Apr 25

-Jennifer Lynn Chappell, 44, Maylene, alias writ

-Landon Alexander Bland, 21, Alabaster, alias writ

-James Ray Edward, 54, Clanton, alias writ

-Brian Gregory Sparks, 45, Chelsea, driving under the influence – alcohol

-William Eugene Taylor Jr., 49, Birmingham, alias writ

-Casey Lynn Jones, 24, Columbiana, speeding

-Katherine William McFarlane, 51, Columbiana, public intoxication

-K Lee Morris, 57, Alabaster, FTA: warrant with Calera PD


Apr 26

-Crystal N Miller, 34, Alabaster, violation of leash law

-Anthony O’Neal Peeples, 23, Alabaster, alias writ

-Jesse Cole Pnazek, 25, Alabaster, possession of marijuana

-Stephen Hogan Fike Jr., 35, Montevallo, possession of a controlled substance


Apr 27

-George Daniel Ofori Thomas, 32, Montgomery, driving under the influence




Apr 18

-Earnest Stoudmire, 58, Calera, failure to appear

-Wesley Obrian Gaiters, 27, Alabaster, failure to appear


Apr 19

-Lisa Ann Kromer, 46, Montevallo, failure to appear

-Judson Steve Easterwood, 37, Birmingham, possession of marijuana

-Juvenile, 16, Calera, minor in possession of alcohol

-Linda J Tatum, 76, Calera, harassing communications

-Eric Jermaine Williams, 30, Alabaster, theft of property


Apr 20

-Shawn Lloyd Kitchens, 33, Clanton, failure to appear

-Edgar Leon-Nava, 29, Calera, Failure to appear

-Timothy Rashad Woodson, 19, Calera, discharging firearm in city

-Kenneth Eugene White, 46, Calera, possession of a controlled substance

-Daniel Paul Brown III, 30, Calera, disorderly conduct

-Robert Louis Weber II, 52, Calera, promote prison contraband

-Colton Eugene Horton, 21, Columbiana, violation of a domestic violence protection order

-Stephanie Dawn Hurtt, 44, Calera, illegal possession of prescription drugs


Apr 22

-Miguel Marchalo Andrade, 35, Dallas, TX, driving under the influence


Apr 23

-Juvenile, 17, Calera, attempting to elude a police officer

-William Sailes II, 27, Calera, domestic violence

-Marcus Dejuan Braswell, 33, Montevallo, agency assist

-Erick Aradillas Mar, 19, Pelham, driving under the influence

-Dustin Tyler Bradshaw, 24, Helena, driving under the influence


Apr 24

-Marc Nathaniel Hatcher, 25, Birmingham, possession of drug paraphernalia

-Luis Enrique Valencia, 28, Montevallo, failure to appear


Apr 25

-Amberlee Ann Absher, 33, Montevallo, agency assist

-Arlin Taylor Dutton, 22, Jemison, failure to appear

-Kelsey Morgan Cummings, 21, Calera, failure to appear

-K Lee Morris, 57, Alabaster, harassment


Apr 26

-L Paul Etheredge, 41, Calera, failure to appear

-Patrick ONeal Seay, 37, Calera, unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle




Apr 7

-John Jefferson Frankline, Birmingham, probation violation


Apr 8

-Jessica Nicole Marchant, Alabaster, public intoxication

-Johnifer Lee Lykes, Alabaster, probation violation

-Arthur Douglas Hudson, Birmingham, Warrant arrest


Apr 10

-Chester Alan Majors, Cleveland, probation violation


Apr 12

-Donna Denson Shearer, driving under the influence of controlled substance


Apr 14

-Donald Lyon Minshew, Helena, Theft of property


Apr 18

-Nathan Lane Bowden, Bessemer, driving under the influence of controlled substance


Apr 19

-Joshua La’Paul Neville, Bessemer, driving under the influence of alcohol


Apr 20

-Arthur Douglas Hudson, Helena, probation violation

-Darquiency Shamond Bowens, Irondale, bail jumping


Apr 21

-Brandie Michelle Majors, McCalla, probation violation




Apr 19

-Kristen Marie Guy, 22, Brierfield, possession of marijuana


Apr 20

-Robert Warren Young, 31, Shelby, using false identity to obstruct justice


Apr 21

-William Alton Gillis, 54, Montevallo, criminal trespass

-Joshua Lawrence Bradley, 25, Columbiana, resisting arrest

-Patrick Oneal Chappell, 35, Montevallo, driving under the influence – alcohol


Apr 23

-Miguel Marchalo Andrade, Fort Worth, TX, alias writ of arrest

-Anthony O’quan Purnell, Montevallo, alias writ




Apr 16

-Jerald Douglas Landers, 44, Hoover, alias warrant


Apr 17

-John Robert Bowles, 45, Birmingham, alias warrant

-Joshua Eric Morris, 24, Birmingham, capias warrant/fail to pay

-Desi Derrick Harrell, 54, Birmingham, alias warrant


Apr 18

-John Thomas Long, 32, Centreville, alias warrant


Apr 19

-Shawn Terry Simmons, 52, Birmingham, alias warrant

-James Earl Nettles, 31, Pinson, alias warrant

-Haylie Michelle Murphy, 26, Prattville, alias warrant

-Gigi Thushunn Carmichael, 43, Riverside, alias warrant


Apr 20

-Breanna Christine Eliza Johnson, 19, Hayden, expired tag

-Cheyanne Nicole Burns, 24, Calera, alias warrant

-Shalonda Phylicia Marbury, 29, Sylacauga, possession of marijuana

-Aramis Rashun Norwood, 26, Pelham, carrying pistol without license

-Anthony Franklin Blackmon, 50, Pelham, domestic violence

-Charles Lawrence Grimmett, 30, Birmingham, failure to appear/comply/pay


Apr 22

-April Chrisstine Stagner, 39, Columbiana, possession of marijuana

-Tabatha Renee Summerville, 38, Pelham, domestic violence