Charger Academy celebrates successful first years

Published 9:15 am Tuesday, May 2, 2017

COLUMBIANA- Charger Academy, a homeschool cover group based out of Bethel Baptist Church, will celebrate the completion of its first two years in July. According to administrator Monica Youngblood, Charger Academy provides families in the Columbiana area a flexible and more personalized alternative to local public and private schools.

“This is pretty new, and we’re getting the word out about it,” Youngblood said. “With Charger Academy, parents can homeschool the way they want to. They can choose the curriculum that they want, and they can choose their methods.”

Youngblood said Charger Academy offers students and families support and consultation. In some cases, students are able to take classes at Cornerstone Christian School.

“We have social and educational outings for our families. We have a curriculum library that parents can rent books from,” Youngblood said. “We offer tutorials. If a student wants to take a course that’s available, and we have the space available, they can sign up to take the class here.”

Due to guidelines from the Alabama Independent School Association, Charger Academy students cannot yet participate in Cornerstone athletics and academic teams. However, Youngblood said she anticipates that the rules will change soon.

According to Youngblood, Charger Academy is still currently in the process of setting up several extracurricular activities for students.

“We’re working on a book club, so we can do Battle of the Books between Charger Academy and Cornerstone. We’re also working on a 4-H group,” Youngblood said. “Students will also be able to join the Homeschool National Honors Society, and we’re starting our own Beta Club. There are a lot of things that are in the works.”

“I really feel that, once they change the rules, Charger Academy is going to explode.” Youngblood added. “We have a great athletic program at Cornerstone, and parents want to participate in that and still homeschool their children.”

So far, Youngblood said Charger Academy has had a successful first two years. A total of 25 families were enrolled in the first year, and Youngblood said several more families have joined or are planning to.

“We are growing by leaps and bounds, now” Youngblood said.

Charger Academy’s enrollment for the 2017-2018 academic year began on April 30, and ends on Aug. 12. The enrollment fee is currently $125, and will increase to $150 after July 1. To learn more about Charger Academy, visit