CHHS students donate dresses

Published 3:47 pm Wednesday, May 17, 2017

CHELSEA -Chelsea High School Family and Consumer Science Teacher Cynthia Walker’s fashion design class recently donated the “pillowcase dresses” they created to local gift shop, Chelsea Lane, on Wednesday, May 17.

According to Walker, the dresses will be free to the public at Chelsea Lane, and are available in child sizes five and six.

While the dresses aren’t made out of actual pillowcases, Walker said her class chose to make them because their sewing pattern made it easy for students who are beginners.

“It was such a good idea because it was so simple. A lot of our students aren’t that good at sewing yet because this is a beginners’ class,” Walker said.

Because of their design, Walker said the dresses could be worn different ways and have different uses.

“It could be used as a shirt if the child is tall and slender,” Walker said.

Freshman Elizabeth Land, who originally came up with the idea, said it was a great way for students to practice their sewing and express their creativity.

“My mom has a sewing business, and she taught me the pattern for the dresses. Everybody was picking harder designs,” Land said. “This was simpler and went to charity. I was really thankful to be able to do this project.”

“They’re creating something personal that suits their individual tastes,” Walker added.

Walker thanked Chelsea Lane owner Lisa Glass for receiving the donations.

“It was really nice for Ms. Glass to accept our dresses,” Walker said. “We’re not sending anything that we wouldn’t wear ourselves. It really shows what our students are capable of.”

Walker said she hopes the project inspired some of her students to consider a career in fashion design.

“It’s big business when you’re creating costumes for theater and the movies. A lot of students don’t see it as a potential career, but it’s there,” Walker said. “You can even win an Oscar for that, too.”