Divorces for the week of May 31, 2017

Published 11:37 am Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The following divorces were granted in Shelby County from Apr 27 to May 10.


Apr 27

-Moises Mateo of Alabaster and Luz Sosa of Alabaster

-Chasity Lee of Calera and James Lee of Calera


Apr 28

-Russell Vaughan of Wilsonville and Billie Vaughan of Wilsonville

-Chemindra Willathgamua of Hoover and Malwala Acharige of Hoover


Apr 29

-James Seeboth of Montevallo and Shana Seeboth of Montevallo

-Stephanie Seales of Helena and Jason Seales of Chelsea


May 1

-Stephanie Webber of Helena and Anthony Webber of Helena

-Jeremy Ardeneaux of Calera and Amy O’Brien of Helena

-Robin Hooten of Alabaster and Hiram Hooten of Pelham

-Chad Miller of Helena and Karly Miller of Trussville


May 2

-Julio Delgado of Pelham and Theresa Alexander of Alabaster

-Amanda Isbell of Birmingham and Roger Isbell of Birmingham

-Nicholas Farmer of Birmingham and Erin Farmer of Olympia, WA

-Mai Le of Birmingham and Hai Huynh of Birmingham

-Tiffany Thomas of Pelham and Patrick Thomas of Orrville

-Gregory Davis of Alabaster and Tracey Davis of Helena


May 3

-William May of Birmingham and Leigh May of Helena

-Natasha Johnson of Alabaster and Matthew Johnson of Alabaster

-Tonya Shelton of Montevallo and Mark Shelton of Alabaster

-Andrew Stanley of Maylene and Holly Stanley of Maylene

-Julie Britt of Helena and Thomas Britt Jr. of Helena


May 4

-Jennifer Ansley of Hoover and James Ansley of Hoover


May 5

-Ashley Bramblett of Birmingham and Bryan Bramblett of Alabaster

-Jeremy Yearber of Calera and Erica Yearber of Temple, GA

-Jin Choi of Birmingham and Kyung Park of Leonia

-Kimberly Drake of Leeds and Michael Drake of Leeds

-Leonard Hicks of Moody and Rebecca Hicks of Calera

-Clint Totherow of Calera and Aime Totherow of Calera


May 9

-Evan Fitts of Helena and Jamie Fitts of Helena

-Paula Merritt of Calera and John Merritt II of Calera

-Chloe Jones of Calera and Terry Jones Jr of Hueytown

-Raul Rivera-Alberto of Calera and Martha Huerta of Marietta, GA

-Carmen Ortiz of Alabaster and Keith Acker of McCalla

-Hilary Kyzer of Brierfield and Daniel Acker of Montevallo

-Wendy Skinner of Pelham and Otis Bivins of Alabaster

-Mia Wylie of Birmingham and Paul Wylie of Birmingham


May 10

-Jamie Myers of Calera and Nicholas Myers of Pelham

-Wadji Husin of Alabaster and Mickay Prater of Maylene

-Ashley Dunnaway of Montevallo and Mark Dunnaway of Calera

-Evelyn Jemison of Calera and Stuart Jemison of Calera

-Jonathan Hyatt of Wilsonville and Nicole Hyatt of Alabaster

-Robert McCloskey of Chelsea and Kimberly McCloskey of Philadelphia, PA

-Amanda Nalley of Vincent and Adam Nalley of Lincoln

-Paul Furman of Pelham and Dana Furman of Pelham