Arrests for the week of June 7, 2017


The following individuals were arrested by municipal police departments from May 25 to May 31.




May 25

-Bobby Jean Smith Jr., 46, Alabaster, theft of property

-Leeann Hunt McReynolds, 46, Alabaster, theft of property

-William Christopher Rollan, 33, Helena, home repair fraud

-Amy Michelle Blackmon, 36, Maylene, possession of controlled substance

-Juan Carlis Gallardo Pina, 44, Alabaster, alias writ


May 26

-Jeremy Charles Bertschinger, 43, Montevallo, fleeing of attempting to elude law enforcement

-Denise Marie Aills, 24, Hueytown, Possession of controlled substance

-Jonathan Lee Hopkins, 34, Bessemer, firearms license required

-Shirley Bishop, 69, Alabaster, theft of property

-Madison Paige Atkinson, 27, Pelham, alias writ

-Jonathan Glen Brasher, 30, Jemison, DUI

-David Gonzalez Perez, 33, Alabaster, DUI – alcohol


May 27

-Eriberto Cuevas Gonzalez, 23, Alabaster, DUI – alcohol

-Solon Gerald Brasher, 26, Alabaster, possession of marijuana

-Belissa Van Standifer, 40, Helena, alias writ

-Lorenza Megell Ramsey, 45, Birmingham, failure to appear

-Daniel Contreras Vazquez, 25, Houston, DUI – alcohol


May 28

-Edward Paczak Turpin, 58, Pelham, public intoxication

-Pamela Gayle Pawrence, 31, West Blocton, warrant with SCSO

-Trina Ann Frierson, 52, Birmingham, possession of drug paraphernalia

-Franklin Eugene Kirkland, 53, Alabaster, DUI – alcohol

-Naquisha Lazohn Hale, 36, Alabaster, outside warrant with Helena


May 29

-Kevin Dewayne Massey Sr., 31, Alabaster, domestic violence

-James Hayden Stevens, 22, Maylene, failing to appear


May 30

-Brandon Torrence, 26, Alabaster, FTA

-Brandon Dewayne Wilson, 30, Jemison, FTA

-Willie Lee Lawley, 50, Maylene, possession of drug paraphernalia


May 31

-Ana Molina Gutierez, 22, Alabaster, leash law

-Saul Macedonio Eulogio, 31, Maylene, leash law

-Meagan Ryan Henry, 25, Columbiana, leash law

-Joshua Scott Wright, 26, Alabaster, failure to appear

-Jamie Crawford, 48, Birmingham, alias writ

-Terry Lane Temple, 30, Alabaster, public intoxication



May 24

-James Bullard, domestic violence

-Marco Colvin Jr., attempt to commit murder

-Kanesha Colvin, 72hour investigative hold


May 25

-Marco Colvin Jr., drug trafficking

-Mark Bentley, DUI – alcohol

-Thomas Brackin, failure to appear

-Daryle Spencer, possession of controlled substance


May 26

-Deandre Davis, DUI – alcohol

-Keri Ray, failure to appear

-Jewel Tranholm, resisting arrest

-Joni May, DUI – any substance


May 27

-Dylan Leon, DUI – combined substance

-Rose Gonzalez, DUI – alcohol

-Tyler Hoyt, failure to appear


May 28

-Corey Hall, DUI – alcohol

-Charles Lane, failure to appear

-Michael Mcanally, DUI – controlled substance


May 29

-Jason Wilhite, public intoxication

-James Jackson, failure to appear


May 30

-Kathy Frye, theft of property

-Michael Bright, agency assist

-Marcus Braswell, failure to appear


May 31

-Elijah Clayton, failing to appear and public intoxication




May 26

-Rachel Kinley Johnson, Pelham, possession of drug paraphernalia


May 28

-Carlton Taurean Spragg, Birmingham, driving under the influence – alcohol

-Naquisha Lazohn Hale, Alabaster, probation violation




May 18

-Crystal Dawn Griffith, 32, Birmingham, alias writ

-Lisa Ann Kromer, 46, Montevallo, agency assist


May 19

-Frank Alan Schropp, 41, Montevallo, DUI – alcohol

-Melissa Sue Belcher, 35, Centreville, negotiating worthless instruments


May 20

-Joshua Lawrence Bradley, 25, Columbiana, public intoxication


May 21

-Jesse Scott Sink, 36, Alabaster, DUI – alcohol


May 23

-Yancey Johnstone Green, 46, Montevallo, alias writ


May 24

-Stoney Lee Willis, 19, Verbena, alias writ


May 26

-Timothy Oneal Lilly, 27, Montevallo, alias writ


May 28

-William Collin Mcdonald, 25, Montevallo, DUI – alcohol


May 30

-Clarence Rashad Mcdade, 26, Montevallo, possession of drug paraphernalia

-James Robert Mcbrayer, 53, Brierfield, alias writ

-Frederick Lavar Hall, 38, Montevallo, possession of drug paraphernalia


May 31

-Temarcus Montel Fuller, 39, Montevallo, agency assist



May 21

-Ashley Nicole Warren, 32, Adger, possession of drug paraphernalia


May 22

-David Alex Ratajczyk, 22, Alabaster, alias warrant


May 23

-Heather Ann Kloss, 32, Ocala, FL, receiving stolen property

-Dalton R Lee Abney, 25, Ocala, FL, receiving stolen property

-Jarrod Andrew Lowery, 18, Alabaster, failure to appear


May 24

-Brian Stephen Lee, 35, Sylacauga, alias warrant

-Elisha Seth Rigdon, 25, Montevallo, alias warrant


May 26

-Sylvester Bennett, 26, Birmingham, possession of marijuana

-Tyler Drew Wren, 22, Laceys Spring, DUI – alcohol

-Mykiea Marsellaus Miller, 24, Mobile, foreign felony arrest

-James Sherod Hall, 28, Bessemer, driving while revoked


May 27

-Cesar Sosa, 26, Docena, DUI

-Austin Cole, 21, Birmingham, failure to appear

-Garrett Reddin, 21, Pelham, alias warrant

-Mark Haynes, 48, Calera, possession of marijuana