Students learn art techniques at HES Art Camp

Published 5:32 pm Thursday, June 8, 2017

By GRAHAM BROOKS / Staff Writer

HELENA–Even though it’s summer, certain children are still taking part in a number of summer enrichment classes offered by Shelby County Schools and the week of June 5, several children were hard at work at an art camp at Helena Elementary School.

On Wednesday, June 7, 21 students were busy drawing and painting cats as art camp instructor Melanie Henderson showed step-by-step how to draw an abstract or real cat.

In addition to drawing and painting the cats on June 7, the other four days of the camp students learned about different art techniques and artists and did a number of projects.

The other projects included watercolor paintings, 3-D butterflies, melting down plastic solo cups to resemble glass art, lion paintings and more.

Charlotte Carroll, an upcoming sixth grader at Helena Middle School, attended the art camp and described a few of her favorite things.

“Painting is my favorite thing that we’ve done at the camp so far and art is one of my favorite subjects,” Carroll said while working on her cat drawing and painting.

Carroll said she enjoys art and is excited to be starting middle school in August.

Henderson is normally a kindergarten teacher during the school year at Helena Elementary School but this week she is helping instruct art projects. Two classes are held all week in the morning and afternoon.

“I think the summer enrichment class is a time to work on things that normally we couldn’t do during the school year,” Henderson said. “Sometimes in the school year we may not have enough time to work on these projects and the kids interested in art can come this week and spend time on the things they like to do.”

The specialty enrichment classes are will be offered at Calera Elementary, Helena Intermediate, Forest Oaks Elementary and Oak Mountain Intermediate.

The classes are open to students who are zoned for Shelby County Schools and may be limited to certain ages or grade spans.

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