Arrests for the week of June 21, 2017



The following individuals were arrested by municipal police departments from June 8 to June 15.




June 8

-Sara Brasher, Adger, alias writ

-Anthony Hyde, Montevallo, bench warrant, FTA

-Darious Jackson, Montgomery, theft of property

-Elizabeth Jackson, Montgomery, theft of property

-Dwana Jackson, Montgomery, theft of property

-Quartez Luster, Montgomery, theft of property

-Exavier Williams, Montevallo, driving while license revoked


June 9

-Ariel Brook, Adamsville, possession of controlled substance

-Joshuua Bradley, Columbiana, public intoxication

-Roderick McCall, Jacksonville, possession of marijuana

-Arron Cox, Alabaster, alias writ

-Efrain Nostrosa, Alabaster, court orders 24 hour hold


June 10

-Timothy Jude, Calera, failure to appear

-Alice Torrijos-Garduno, Pelham, criminal trespass

-Joshua Bradley, Columbiana, public intoxication


June 11

-Brandon Gibbs, Montevallo, DUI – controlled substance

-April Carpri, Ensley, failure to comply with court orders


June 12

-Norman Hernandez-Perez, Birmingham, domestic violence

-Darryus Tompkins, Birmingham, robbery

-Kevin Bray, Birmingham, robbery

-Jdree Cannady, Shelby, alias warrant

-James Beavers, Wilsonville, failure to appear: expired tag


June 13

-Martin Norris, Alabaster, alias writ

-Barry Hester, Birmingham, failure to comply with court order

-Christian Randall, Calera, theft of property

-Courtney Kennedy, Maylene, alias warrant


June 14

-Deborah Cook, Montevallo, DUI – alcohol

-Russell Fowler, Jasper, contempt of court order

-Belissa Standifer, Helena, warrant

-Katherine Morning, Helena, Warrant


June 15

-Christopher Smith, Alabaster, minor in consumption of alcohol

-Abby Lee, Alabaster, minor under consumption




June 6

-Tammie Lea Doss, Athens, Burglary first degree


June 7

-Janet Catano, Pelham, failure to appear


June 10

-Woody Robert Alexander, Mount Vernon, TX, DUI – alcohol


June 11

-Claude Ilyas Balit, Helena, domestic violence third degree

-Ambrocio Juarez, Pelham, Failure to appear




June 4

-Andrew Anthony Cathey, Montevallo, agency assist


June 7

-Darius Demetrius Davis, Calera, public intoxication


June 9

-Santedra Latreese Woodson, Calera, agency assist


June 10

-Holly Nicole Smith, Jemison, possession of drug paraphernalia

-Celedonia Pacheco Contreras, Montevallo, DUI – alcohol


June 12

-Sam Douglas Brooks, Jemison, receiving stolen property

-Michael Dwayne Pierce, menacing


June 13

-Phebea Taylor Hall, Montevallo, possession of controlled substance



June 4

-Robert Adam Brown, Alabaster, possession of drug paraphernalia

-Joshua Blake Weaver, Cullman, alias warrant


June 5

-Delana Michelle Pratt, Hoover, alias warrant


June 6

-Resean Alexander Ricks, Hoover, alias warrant

-Matthew Henry Jones, Birmingham, DUI-alcohol

-Valencia Janiece Thomas, Bessemer, foreign felony arrest

-Madison Paige Atkinson, Alabaster, alias warrant

-Candace Jane Davis, Helena, foreign misdemeanor arrest


June 7

-Michael Dwayne Proffitt, Alabaster, alias warrant


June 8

-Kyle Ray Syx, Birmingham, alias warrant

-Alejandro Medrano Arroyo, Pelham, theft of property

-Clay Shelby Helms, Montgomery, alias warrant

-Takeyah Shanai Lewis, Birmingham, alias warrant

-Pamela Ann Harrison, Birmingham, alias warrant

-Rhiannon Nicole Willis, Bessemer, alias warrant


June 9

-Alison Rebecca Williams, Jasper, alias warrant

-Arron Michael Cox, Alabaster, alias warrant

-Lawrence David Robinson, Clay Chalkville, 20 days to register vehicle

-James Lane Digmon, Prattville, possession of controlled substance


June 10

-Hagan Ward Burnett, Pelham, alias warrant

-Richard Albert, Edwards, Maylene, DUI- alcohol

-Valerie Michelle Gilmore, Prattville, public intoxication