ACS accepting online proof of residency this summer

Published 11:24 am Thursday, June 29, 2017

By NEAL WAGNER / Managing Editor

ALABASTER – Alabaster City Schools officials said they are looking to streamline the school registration process this summer by allowing parents to submit proof of residency online during a two-week period in July.

“You will be able to scan and submit your proofs of residence to your child’s school using a special school e-mail address,” read an ACS release. “These e-mails will only be available during the timeframe of July 10 – 21, 2017, and will only be used to submit proofs of residence.”

In order to submit proof of residency online, parents must meet the following prerequisites:

-Online registration must be completed first.

-The student’s name MUST be in the e-mail (for example in the subject line, etc.).

-The bill must be payable in the month July 2017.

-The address must be the same as the student’s address for the previous school year. If there is a change in address, the proof must be taken to the school.

-The bills must be in the custodial parent’s name.  (If the bill is in step-parent’s name only, the marriage certificate must be submitted as well.)

-It must be a scanned copy.  (Pictures taken with phones, etc., will not be accepted)

-Parents must submit separate emails to each ACS school for each child they are enrolling.

Two proofs must be submitted. At least one must be a primary proof of residence.

Primary proofs of residence are utility bills (electric bill, gas bill, water bill showing service address) or apartment lease or home lease/mortgage (current apartment lease listing the occupants, house lease, or monthly mortgage statement).

The following secondary proofs of residence will be accepted:

Secondary Proofs include: (Must be submitted with a primary proof)

-Property Tax Record or deeds, such as tax receipt or property deed

-Income Tax records, such as copy of check from the IRS, correspondence from the IRS, copy of W2 form or business tax records or receipts.

-Other Official Proof of Residence Documents, such as Social Security checks or other correspondence from Social Security office or miscellaneous correspondence from other US government agencies.

-Employment records, such as a paycheck stub issued from employer showing the physical address

-Bank Records, such as a bank or savings account statement, loan statements, non-utility bills, cell phone bill, credit card bill or cable bill.

Once the proof of residence e-mail has been received and reviewed by the school, parents will receive a confirmation e-mail. If it is accepted, parents should print out the confirmation e-mail to take to the school for schedule pick up. If the online proof of residency is not accepted, parents will be required to bring in proof of residency as normal to the local school at the set times.

Information will be posted to the website and reminders will be sent to parents soon.

“Please note this is just an option this year, you may still take in proof of residency as normal to your child’s school,” read the ACS release. “Each school will have the dates and times they will be accepting proofs posted to their website.”