City adds ChelseaFest to annual Big Kaboom

Published 8:42 am Monday, July 3, 2017

CHELSEA – Thousands of people came out as the city of Chelsea celebrated its 10th annual Big Kaboom, along with its first ever ChelseaFest, on the evening of Saturday, July 1. During ChelseaFest and the Big Kaboom, residents of Chelsea and the surrounding communities enjoyed vendors, live music, a designated kids area and a fireworks display.

Mayor Tony Picklesimer said ChelseaFest and the Big Kaboom served as a way to celebrate the citizens of Chelsea, as well as Independence Day.

“I want to showcase our city and have this event as a thank-you to our citizens for all that they do for us,” Picklesimer said.

Until this year, the Big Kaboom was held in the Chelsea Park subdivision. Picklesimer said the location was moved to the to accommodate the increasing number of people who attend the Big Kaboom each year.

“It had exploded with the number of people coming and we felt like this would give us more space, more parking and encourage more people to com out,” city council member Tiffany Bittner said.

“I’m glad they moved it here, because everything is a lot easier to get to,” Chelsea resident Leslie Meyer said.

Picklesimer said the growth of the event and the influence of other cities are what originally gave him the idea to add ChelseaFest.

“All of the other cities around us had a city festival of some sort. I thought, ‘Why not take the Big Kaboom and make it a whole lot bigger?’” Picklesimer said.

Bittner said ChelseaFest’s live music was comprised of local talent and headliner Compositionz. Bittner said Compositionz was selected because of their musical style and family friendly lyrics.

“They’re a Temptations-style group. We thought the community would enjoy seeing them and that they would be a great fit,” Bittner said.

Meyer said the addition of ChelseaFest offered a lot more entertainment options for her and her family.

“Before, the Big Kaboom was just fireworks. Now there are food trucks, inflatables and live music,” Meyer said.

Pat and Marjorie Linn, who recently moved to Chelsea from Vestavia Hills, said this is the first Big Kaboom they have attended. Though the event was different from the Independence Day celebrations in their old city, the Linns said they enjoyed its patriotic, small town atmosphere.

“This is a good way for us to celebrate our country,” Marjorie Linn said. “This is really about neighbors and friends coming together.

Bittner thanked Picklesimer for coming up with the idea to add onto the Big Kaboom and all of its sponsors, who made the event possible.

“[Picklesimer] presented it to us, and we jumped onboard immediately and started the planning process as quickly as possible,” Bittner said.

Despite the rainy weather for part of the event, Bittner said she considers ChelseaFest and the Big Kaboom to be a success, and the city will continue to annually host both parts of it from now on.

“I think that, in years to come, it will just grow and become a bigger event to look forward to each year,” Bittner said.